Raise a Glass to Spaceworks

It was a warm, sunny evening at the 1120 Creative House last night during the Raise a Glass to Spaceworks fundraiser party. We received just over $8,000 in donations last night, so close to our $10,000 goal. If you would like to join the cause and support Spaceworks too, please click here to donate today! And here is a glimpse of our wonderful evening:
75 individuals listened intently to the incredible story of Spaceworks Tacoma, told by five of the initiative’s most deeply involved partners. Spaceworks Co-founder, Amy McBride, spoke about the beauty of watching something go from an idea during a friendly conversation, to a fully realized initiative that has supported so many incredible projects and people.
Then, Spaceworks steering committee member David Schroedel spoke to the economic and cultural impacts of Spaceworks, and asked the crowd to raise their glass to:
“Activating 43 underused properties
Assisting 73 creative businesses
Exhibiting 106 large-scale art installations
In 2014 alone, helped create 19 new jobs
Two-thirds of those jobs were filled by people from low-income households
18 new businesses
Two-thirds of those businesses are woman- or minority-owned
80% have turned into lease-paying tenants”
Next up, Chris Jordan (recent recipient of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation of Art Award!) told of his 15 year involvement with Tacoma’s Fab-5, and growing up in Tacoma watching the changes through the years. Chris, along with the other Fab-5 members opened FABITAT in 2011 (one of Spacework’s first creative enterprises placed… which is still going strong to this day!).
Then we heard from Spaceworks steering committee member Ben Mauk, who manages properties for the University of Washington Tacoma. Ben and his team decided to give Spaceworks a-go at activating some of their Pacific Avenue storefronts. Thanks to this partnership, we now have two of Tacoma’s most visible Spaceworks supported businesses, Tinkertopia and Do The Extraordinary.

Finally, we heard from Darcy Anderson, co-creator of Tinkertopia with her husband RR Anderson. Darcy and RR have an important story to tell about working incredibly hard to bring their dream to life. Through the two years of it’s existence Tinkertopia has not only become a viable business, it has become a true destination store that first time visitors will never forget.
Special thanks to our event sponsors Hilltop Kitchen and Marrow for mixing mesmerizingly delicious cocktails. In addition, the whiskey and gin was provided by Young’s Market Company.
A big thanks to Spaceworks participant Ken Jacobsen of Destiny City Music Collective for performing music on his inspiring cello.
Another big thanks to Spaceworks participants Tease Chocolates for providing everyone with scrumptious handmade chocolates. Make sure to keep an eye on the opening of their new location next to Stadium Thriftway!
Another wonderfully talented past Spaceworks participant Jennifer Robbins of J.Robbins Florist provided us with beautiful floral arrangements.
One of our new neighbors on Broadway St. downtown is True North Coffee, thank you to the whole team for providing us with coffee during the event.
And thank you to Jonz Catering for providing us delicious appetizers for the evening.
Jennifer Chin and Diana Leigh Surma
Tiffany MacBain, William Kupinse, Alisa Kessel and Kristin Giordano
Katy Evans and Albert McMurry

Jessica & Aaron Winston (of McGranahan Architects – another generous sponsor of the evening), and Jamie Brooks
Josh Jorgensen, David Schroedel, JD Elquist, Kate Albert Ward, and Rebecca Solverson
Anne Jones
IMG_2924 (1)
Ben Mauk, Kellie Kost, Monica Taylor
Amy McBride & Oliver McBride Youngers

Chris Jordan and Gabriel Brown
JD Elquist and Kevin Grossman
Heather Joy, Rebecca Solverson, Darcy Anderson