Arts & Crafts Press featured on PBS’s “Craft In America”

Premiered December 11th, click here to watch

Craft in America covers the nation interviewing some of America’s best artisans and documenting their process. This episode titled CELEBRATION “examines the role craft plays in our holiday customs, with a focus on our winter observances and the traditions that are handed down from one generation to another as well as new rituals that define the season.”

Spaceworks participants The Arts & Crafts Press do traditional Japanese woodblock printing out of their beautiful workshop right here in Tacoma’s Nalley Valley. They are one of the featured artisans in this episode.

PBS produced an additional video of Arts & Crafts Press owner/artist Yoshiko Yamamoto and her daughter offering a demonstration on how to make your own blockprints from home. Click here to watch and be inspired!

Happy Holidays everyone!