August Tacoma Art Walk: Spaceworks Highlights

Sense of Place a Group Postcard Exhibition

5-11:20pm at 1120 Creative House

Sense of Place: A Group Postcard Exhibition

(1120 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA)

“Sense of Place explores personal and cultural histories within the context of individual lived experiences of living in the Pacific Northwest.”

Featuring works by Thomas Brown, Raychelle Duazo, Eileen Eddleman, Haley Haines, Lee Heath, Krista Johnson, Cam Kristenson, Ashley Lindsay, Erika Ray, Vyra Saran and Amanda Small.

“Postcards are the focus of Sense of Place because it is a time tested method of communicating personal messages to loved ones. With the accessibility and personal disconnect technology has given our society, messages lose reverence and intimacy. Through this exhibition, we invite the artist to participate in the practice of creating and sending a personal message from oneself to the community.”

(excerpts from the description by The Cultureshock Collective)
See website to get a sense of the show



1pm – 9pm, Spaceworks Gallery

Hands at Work: Portraits of People Who Work With Their Hands
(950 Pacific Ave. Suite 205, enter on 11th St.)

Hands at Work is an extraordinary exhibit of photographs and quotes from the makers whose hands and work are featured.

It is a heartfelt collaboration between photographer Summer Moon Scriver and author Iris Graville offering insight into the enduring satisfaction of work that relies on the tactile experience of using one’s hands.

Drawn from a wide array of interviews and photo shoots conducted by Graville and Scriver, Hands at Work features a number of people who live and work in Puget Sound; many are from Lopez Island, Washington, home to Graville and Scriver. In addition to creating the exhibit, the pair’s 144-page hardcover book has received numerous awards including a National Best Books Award in Photography, an Outstanding Book award by Independent Publishers (IPPY), and a gold Nautilus Book Award.

Exhibit by Eva Funderburgh at the Woolworth Windows Artscapes location by Spaceworks Tacoma
Exhibit by Eva Funderburgh “Looking forwards, Looking backwards” at the Woolworth Windows Artscapes location by Spaceworks Tacoma

Five new Artscapes installations are on display in the old Woolworth storefront windows (corner of 11th & Broadway), and on the adjacent landmark Tollbooth Gallery. These exhibits activate otherwise empty spaces, and are on display 24/7. The artists selected for this round include Lauren Boilini, Eva Funderburgh, Nola Avienne, Isaac Olsen, and Tacoma’s Wayzgoose linocut steamroller prints! This marks the 19th round of commissioned installations brought to you by Spaceworks Tacoma.

For details check out Artscapes press release (PDF)

Sense of Place a Group Postcard Exhibition