Have Not Films Hosts Grand Opening, Promotes Film Networking


Through a partnership of three enterprising creatives, a new company set a firm foothold in the City of Destiny creative scene. Erik Bernard, Sean Patrick Burke, and Wayne Robinson founded Have Not Films in 2014 partnering with international collaborators to deliver thought-provoking entertainment that attracts A-list talent. They established the company using combined backgrounds with skills in everything from award-winning screenplay writing to business strategizing. Together with their network of industry professionals, they aim to lend a voice to powerful, globally-conscious stories by producing, packaging and distributing films. Drawing talent from major cities like Portland and Seattle, they want to make Tacoma a film hub in the Northwest.


When they applied to Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise program in 2016, they had many projects under their belt, and they were ready to open formal headquarters. Since they are always looking for collaborators they partnered with Spaceworks to help them find an affordable space to be used for office meetings, local art and film workshops, and networking events. The company was matched with a property in Hilltop, which had sat long vacant after Columbia Bank left years ago.have-not-films-grand-opening-2

At the grand opening event held August 27, 2016 they featured catering by Tabella Di Amore and drinks by Heritage Distilling Company that provided samples of locally produced Vodka and Black Sugar Bourbon. Among the guests who attended the event were past collaborators, supporters, and friends of the company. The glamorous guests mingled, networked, and listened to upbeat music DJed by Silong Chhun with live drum support from Justin Tamminga of Pig Snout band.


We’ve asked Sean Patrick Burke about the film company’s plans for the space:

SW: How do you feel about the space you’re setting up in?

SPB: I love the space! I feel it is a truly unique opportunity for artists of all platforms to be able to come together. Education is key when trying to establish a city as an “art town” and I feel this will be a huge step for us moving forward collectively.

SW: What events are you coming up with to put into that space?

SPB: Mainly small workshops. A local filmmaker is going to be running an anti-bullying workshop/meeting once a month at the space, The Grand Cinema is going to host some Tacoma Film Festival events here, acting workshops, etc. We plan on booking 2 to 3 workshops a week that all encompass arts or community development.

SW: How is this venue going to help your company?

SPB: I think having a presence is key. We now have a face to the company and it is in the Hilltop district. Of course, all of our films will be shot in places all over the world, but all of our films will be developed in Tacoma. The workshops will be great because we will get to work with local filmmakers and artists to help foster the education in the arts.

SW: What are your thoughts about the local film making community?

SPB: I think the local filmmaking community is very ambitious and eager to grow. The space will hopefully help in these elements. I have a lot of friends that are filmmakers in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. The Have Not Films space will eventually create a bridge between these three 
cities and we will all hopefully begin working more together.

SW: Any other comments?

SPB: We are just so thrilled that this is becoming a reality. Spaceworks has been amazing to work with and so has the Tacoma Housing Authority who own the building we rent. We are excited to further our work with the City of Tacoma and the many wonderful organizations that inhabit 

Tacoma’s artistic scene crosses many dimensions as it morphs and moves with the currents of communities that create it. In line with their other projects, Have Not Films is working to produce a short and a feature length films shot in our city. These and other local filmmakers open Tacoma to another dimension of creative expression.

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Photos by Kris Crews

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Have Not Films The space was attained though a relationship between the property owners Tacoma Housing Association and Spaceworks