Artist Trust Will Award $1,500 Each to 60 Recipients with Grants for Artist Projects

2017 Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects is open

Artist Trust’s annual  Grants for Artist Projects is now open!

Artist Trust begins another year of Grants for Artists Projects (GAP) program. This cycle, they will grant $1,500 grants to 60 artists of all disciplines from all backgrounds and regions of the state. The grant is open to individual generative artists and artist teams working in any creative discipline and residing in Washington State. They are reaching for a large and diverse pool of artists applying from around the state.

NOTE: Applications submitted by April 17, 2017 are eligible for preliminary review and feedback from AT staff

In addition to the 60 GAP recipients, one artist will receive a one-month residency at Centrum located in Port Townsend and a $500 stipend.

The deadline to apply for GAP grant is May 15, 2017, and you can find application guidelines here. To support artists who are new to applying for grants, Artist Trust will be holding Office Hours, webinars, and workshops over the next few months, more information about these events here.

“Ever since being awarded an Artist Trust GAP…I’ve been having a lot more success with my work. So, thank you!”
—Grants for Artist Projects Recipient Patrick Parr

They have also compiled a reference guide that breaks down different approaches to the various components of the GAP application in hopes of making applying as straightforward as possible.

GAP Guidelines Button

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2017 Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects is open