Ethnic Fest 2017: How Do You Connect with Creative Community in Tacoma?

On the last weekend of July 2017, Spaceworks participated at Ethnic Fest, a festival of performances, food and culture that has been around for more than 30 years. Hundreds of Tacoma community members and out-of-towners gathered at Wright Park July 29 & 30 to watch dancing and music performances and engage with one another.


Ethnic Fest 2017 Spaceworks_0027
“Artists are the engineers of the 21st century,” said Syed Jamal, festival attendant and founder of Branta.

Spaceworks set up a booth to engage our community and find out how do people engage with creativity in Tacoma. After talking to over 230 people the responses we got were as varied as the species of plants in the park’s conservatory.

Visit Spaceworks’ Facebook photo album “Ethnic Fest 2017” for more community-sourced answers.

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