Closing Night – 10th Foundation of Art Award by GTCF

Foundation of Art Award Opening Reception
Gallery visitors mingle at the 10th Foundation of Art Award Opening Reception, On September 19th, 2017. photo by Scott Haydon.

Spaceworks and Greater Tacoma Community Foundation invite you to visit the exhibition one last time. The show includes bold artworks from 19 of Pierce County’s most talented and community-minded visual artists. Their work is honored annually by  Greater Tacoma Community Foundation through the GTCF Foundation of Art Award, along with a public exhibit.

Thursday, October 19, 5-9pm


“White Ashes 2” by Kenji Stoll, mixed media. Photo by Kris Crews.

For 2017, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation has honored ten Pierce County visual artists for the 10th Foundation of Art Award. This year’s awardees span a wide range of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture, to fabric and letterpress.

Isaac Olsen and Gillian Nordlund visit the Spaceworks Gallery on opening night. Nordlund was one of the 2017 recipients of the Foundation of Art Award. Photo by Scott Haydon.

The following ten 2017 award winners received $1,000 each:

  • Mindy Barker
  • Heather Cornelius
  • Todd Jannausch
  • Janet Marcavage
  • Gillian Nordlund
  • Nicholas Nyland
  • Chandler O’Leary
  • Saiyare Refaei
  • Kenji Stoll
  • Chandler Woodfin

The previous nine Foundation of Art Award recipients were Chris Sharp in 2008, Jeremy Mangan in 2009, Lisa Kinoshita in 2010, Jessica Spring in 2011, Oliver Doriss in 2012, Shaun Peterson in 2013, Elise Richman in 2014, Christopher Paul Jordan in 2015, and Sean Alexander in 2016. Artwork created by past awardees for GTCF are also on display at the Spaceworks Gallery.

Gabriel Brown greets visitors at the Spaceworks Gallery
Gabriel Brown greets visitors at the Spaceworks Gallery. Photo by Kris Crews.

This year, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation partnered with Spaceworks Tacoma to produce the 10th Foundation of Art Award Gallery Show.

The selection panel for the 10th Foundation of Art Award included Amy McBride, Sean Alexander, Jeremy Mangan, Elise Richman, and Christopher Paul Jordan.


10th Foundation of Art Award Opening Reception
Ceramic artist and award recipient Heather Cornelius talks about her sculpture “Undine” (in the background). She was recognized with a people’s choice award and prize presented by the Glass Museum. Photo by Scott Haydon.
Undine by Heather Cornelius
Detail of “Undine” by Heather Cornelius. Photo by Scott Haydon.
Saiyare Refaei, 2017
Gallery visitor reads various positive statements printed on this series of paintings titled “Encourage Tits” by Saiyare Refaei, one of the 2017 Foundation of Art Award recipients. Photo by Kenya Shakoor.

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