Fish Tank – Fall 2017 Entrepreneurs Show Off Their Businesses

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At Fall 2017 Fish Tank, Spaceworks celebrated 10 businesses that developed new launch strategies through its Incubator training program. The entrepreneurs showcased skills from dance to film tech to lingerie design.

During a public showcase the entrepreneurs shared their wares, performed, and talked about upcoming launches. They also gave a quick overview of their business offerings during 60-second pitches.

See this Fish Tank in photos by Kris Crews →

Creative Colloquy

Entrepreneurs: Jackie Casella and Christina Butcher

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Creative Colloquy fosters the writing community in the South Sound through unique literary events and publications.

Listen and read at Open Mic Nights: third Mondays, 7pm at Black Kettle Bites and Brew

Frankly Cinematics

Entrepreneurs: Jason Farris and Cooper Farris

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“Invigorate  your customers, audiences and fans with truly moving cinematic campaigns. The big brands never stop… isn’t it time we leveled the playing field a bit? Businesses of all sizes should inquire, let us show you what’s in your reach,” Frankly Cinematics.

Healing Renaissance

Entrepreneurs:  Paulette Brown and Dominick Weems

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Healing Renaissance creates a positive movement to preserve the traditions of past generations all while passing on the jewels to our future.

“We love and embrace natural remedies, healing recipes, fashion, music, art and literature! These elements at their finest creates a culture of empowerment which we strive to do,” Healing Renaissance.

Iconic Arts Complex

Entrepreneurs: Tiffany Sanders and Jimmy Shields (not pictured)

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Kenya Adams discussed the programs of Iconic Arts Complex in lieu of Tiffany Sanders and Jimmy Shields

Tacoma’s newest dance studio! Finally, a place where all people can come to escape, to be inspired and just dance!

Iconic Arts Complex Facebook

Starlight Media

Entrepreneur: Konika Clemons

Love Letters Intimates

Entrepreneur: Catrina MacCalla

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“Love Letters Intimates is committed to produce and source ethically made intimates, including our own designer label, Love Letters Lingerie. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, our focus on education, as well as proper fit and garment care. We emphasize positive body image throughout a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus, and we catering to any and all genders,” Love Letters Intimates.

743 Broadway St, Suite 219
Tacoma, WA 98404

Pod Works

Entrepreneur: Kayla Schroader

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The Pod Works is a mom-made (kid-friendly) co-working, lifestyle and event space. Visit their website to claim your membership.

Whirr and Thrum

Entrepreneur: AJ Lindner-Michaelson

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Entrepreneurs Sarah Woodson and Stephen Gangl, Perry Petaccia and Shannon Shintani who are finalizing branding and business names also pitched to the audience.

Check out the newest participants in the Spaceworks creative network:

Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_05
Dominick Weems showcases accessories designed for Healing Renaissance
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_03
Jackie Casella brought the published works of Creative Colloquy including a proof copy for the forthcoming Creative Colloquy Volume 4
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_34
Kayla Schroader helps ‘momtrepreneurs’ get work done by starting a kid-friendly co-working space, Pod Works.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_10
Pod Works’s little helper learns productivity from an early age.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_12
Lovers of style saw made-to-measure lingerie designs by Love Letters intimates, launched in downtown Tacoma by Catrina MacCalla
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_15
This violin was created using a 3D printer. Entrepreneur AJ Lindner-Michaelson will open his business Whirr and Thrum to teach and explore new technology
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_94
High tech equipment powers the imaginations behind Frankly Cinematics. Father-son team of Jason and Cooper Farris went into business just a few years ago and learned business planning skills with the Incubator training program.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_17Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_93Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_21Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_24Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_22
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_33
Young students of Iconic Arts Center gave a short dance performance for the crowd.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_91
Many entrepreneurs were happy to be done with the 14-week training program and shared their success and photos of Incubator certificates handmade by Springtide Press with followers on social media.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_02 (1)
The League dancers from Iconic Arts Complex delivered a smashing performance. They’ve got great moves and entrepreneurs Tiffany Sanders and Jimmy Shields now have a better understanding about moving their company forward.
Fish Tank_Fall_2017_Crews_92
Congratulations to all the new businesses who completed the training program. Going forward we will work together to promote cultural events and opportunities and grow Tacoma’s creative economy.