Art, Music, Celebration: Alma Mater Hosts “Homecoming” Grand Opening Week

Three years in the making, Alma Mater Tacoma opens to the public with a week-long celebration, “Homecoming”.

Homecoming is about returning to a place where you belong; it’s a celebration of what we have and where we’re headed as a creative community and a city. Our artists will explore concepts of home through a variety of installations: from glass blown clouds to an historic bear. Performances will capture the unique and eclectic vibe of Tacoma’s musical and visual tastes through hip hop, indie, burlesque, and wrestling. But mostly it’s going to be a party that only Tacoma knows how to throw.”   -Rachel Erving, Director, Community and Operations at Alma Mater Tacoma.

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Art Installations

Beginning Sunday, April 15th, explore artist concepts of home through ten collaborative installations ranging from the personal to the planetary. All are free and open to the public.

Featuring interactive art by:

Aaron Hartzell, Chris Jordan, Ellen Ito, Lisa Fruichantie, Lourdes Jackson, Nicole McCarthy, Sarah Gilbert, Ben Wildenhaus, Devon Urquhart, Jason Holland, Lisa Kinoshita, Megan Stelljes, Peter Berkley & Tiffanny Hammonds


Thursday, April 19th, through Saturday the 21st, join Alma Mater for a three day weekend that begins with a dance party and ends with the first-ever collaboration between Tacoma’s Gritty City Sirens and Lucha La Volcanicá.

4/15 4/21

  • Homecoming: a group art show




  • Lucha La Volcanicá and Filthy FemCorps
  • (early all ages show)


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Alma Mater Tacoma

1322 South Fawcett Avenue