Show Me Your Tacoma

Greetings! As a new director, it’s very important to me to meet the people we serve and to see Tacoma through your eyes and experiences. To help with my on-boarding, I’d love to meet with as many artists, entrepreneurs, and community members as I can during my first few months. I’m available to roll up my sleeves and help paint a mural, walk through your neighborhood, grab a coffee, help restock your inventory or any other fun activity. I’ve always found that the best conversations happen while working side-by-side on a common project. Some of the questions that are on my mind include:

  • What does the creative economy mean to you?
  • In the face of rapid change in Tacoma, what does equity at Spaceworks look like?
  • How can we best serve you?
  • What is the most exciting untapped opportunity for Spaceworks?

Thank you in advance for welcoming me to the Spaceworks community. Please reach out to me by phone or email and let’s schedule a time to meet! – Michael Liang

Contact Michael Liang
Spaceworks Program Director