Introducing New Intern Sage Brandon

“Shrimp Cocktail” pen & ink illustration by Sage Brandon

Spaceworks would like to introduce our newest intern, Sage Brandon. Sage is coming to us through Next Move, a program that gives juniors and seniors in the Tacoma Public School district the opportunity to gain job experience and preparation early on. While at Spaceworks Sage will be creating an animated Spaceworks logo, updating our press contact list, and many other tasks that keep our systems updated. We asked Sage to tell us about his own past experiences in the creative field and his plans for the future with his art.

“My name is Sage Brandon, and for my whole life I have wanted to have a career in illustration or animation (traditional or digital). I have been working hard towards this goal by taking art classes in different mediums whenever available to me and practicing as often as I can. Art expression has always been an important part of my life because I’ve never found a better way personally to express feelings and thoughts so in depth, as well as bring light to the creativity that humans as a species have. My main pushing force as an artist is that you can make any idea possible. “

“Freshman year was when I got to really think about my future as an artist after I was accepted into Tacoma School of the Arts, SoTA. Before that I hadn’t had much experience in real art classes or with teachers that were so passionate about their work. Since being accepted, I have even branched out myself to things beyond illustration such as painting and life drawing. Without my experience at a school like SoTA, I don’t know where I would be with my work now. “

“At SoTA there are a variety of classes for almost any art form. Freshman year to now, I have taken 5 illustration classes, two painting classes, and some photography and film. One day I would like to be able to use the painting skills I have acquired over the past year or so to work on a mural. In middle school, I was asked to paint a mural for our science class. Although I was proud of it at the time, I now know I can do much better by using actual painting techniques and seeing the improvement would mean a lot to me.” 

“Because I am a Junior, I have also been working this year on my plan for after high school. After a lot of research on the different choices I have, I realized I would like to go to a school that is either animation based or with a good animation course. “

“At Spaceworks I hope to gain new experience to help me continue with my art, and help out with whatever I can to support local businesses and artists in my town.”

To see more of Sages work, check out his art instagram @ichigotcha