2021 Artscapes Panelists

Spaceworks is excited to share with you a little bit about the astonishing group of individuals that made up our 2021 Artscapes Selection Panel!

We invited five individuals to the panel, who were responsible for reviewing and voting on applications for both the Spaceworks’ Art Residency program and the Rapid Mural program. Spaceworks staff administers the panel process, but does not vote. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process was done entirely virtually. These panelists play a huge role in our community – they help decide what our upcoming public art will look like and who will be involved. It is crucial that they represent a broad range of perspectives and posses expertise that relates to the field of public art.

Without further ado, here are the panelists:

Dionne Bonner
Dionne is an expressive visualizer creating from concepts successful outcomes using artistic intuition. Oil paint is her medium of choice and painting is an adventure explored through color, light, texture and movement. Whether she is painting a portrait, abstract, mural, or still life, capturing the essence of the subject matter is the most important thing. She explores a variety of topics from her everyday life experiences, discovering new and interesting details to inspire her work. This exploration process gives her the touch and style she needs to bring the unique character of her subject to life, connecting to the viewer. www.dionnebonner.com

Monique Valenzuela
Monique serves as the Executive Director of the Youth Marine Foundation. Monique co-founded an award-winning Tacoma restaurant, and has a community service background as a member of the Tacoma Public Utility Board, an inaugural founding officer of the Washington Tourism Alliance, and an Honorary Vice Commander of the Western Air Defense Sector at JBLM. A tireless Tacoma advocate and resident of downtown, Monique takes advantage of the urban scene and enjoys the recreational opportunities of the Foss Waterway. www.youthmarinefoundation.org

Silong Chhun
Silong is a multimedia artist disciplined in videography, photography, audio production, graphic design, and social media strategy. As the digital communications manager at Pacific Lutheran University, he serves as one of PLU’s leading digital storytellers, communications strategists, and social media curators. Prior to PLU, Silong was the communications associate at non-profit serving immigrants and refugees at Tacoma Community House. He is also the co-founder of the Khmer Anti-Deportation Advocacy Group, a community effort that advocates, supports, and provides community members resources. www.silongchhun.com

Amy McBride
Spaceworks Steering Committee Co-chair, and an arts administrator for the City of Tacoma, Amy founded Spaceworks Tacoma in 2009 in partnership with the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber. Working with the Tacoma Arts Commission, Amy currently manages three funding programs for arts organizations and artists, implements public art projects, develops collaborative programming, and formulates policy. Amy came to Tacoma in 1999 after coordinating the arts program for Bellevue College’s extension program. She has presented nationally on issues of public art, temporary art installations, and civic democracy through Americans for the Arts. Tacoma’s Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality

Gerardo Peña
Gerardo, better known as Periko the Artist, was born in Queretaro, Mexico, but his family moved when he was a young child to the state of Washington. Periko was raised up and down King County and eventually settled in Tacoma, WA. With a background in business management, and with the current political climate, as a DACA recipient, he felt that it was now or never the time to focus his energy as an artist. Typically a surreal painter, Periko, has been expanding into the public art and multimedia world. His art is an introspection of his journey into self-identity and an emotional response of the world around him. www.perikotheartist.com

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