Free Workshops: Building Better Business Foundations

Are you an artist with business ideas? Are you uncertain about where to start? Register for these two FREE workshops from Spaceworks Tacoma and the Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality!

Workshop 1: Building Better Business Foundations Part I

Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 6-8pm

If you have a business idea but are not sure where to start, this workshop will walk you through some of those first steps that are at the core of your business. In this 2 hour foundations workshop, we will explore your ‘why’, vision, mission, and values statements. Do you know the difference between knowing your ‘why’ and having a passion? The vision, mission, and values statements form the foundation for all activities in an organization and guide the behaviors and culture within. This is an interactive workshop, so bring your pencils! Pre-registration required.

Workshop 2: Building Better Business Foundations Part II

Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 6-7pm

In this 1 hour workshop, we will talk about the importance of market research for your product or service and how to collect that data. The purpose of Market Research is to verify market need. A business must understand who needs a product or service and why they need it. Learn about testing your product or service in the market and different ways you can conduct research. Pre-registration required.


If you have questions about accessibility or workshop details, please contact Jennifer English (she/they) at

In 2021, the Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality will be collaborating with local organizations to provide free professional development workshops for Tacoma creatives, artists, creative workers, cultural workers, and arts advocates.