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Special Projects provides short-term space (one day up to six months) to individuals or groups who want to pursue or present art of any discipline, a creative special project, a pop-up store/event, and beyond. Space is provided dependent on space availability and project needs.

Examples of possible Special Project uses:

  • one-day pop-up gallery
  • one-night art exhibit
  • one-month theatrical rehearsal with readings
  • 3-month residency for a band to record their album
  • 6-month artist residency to develop work that doesn’t currently fit in your home studio

About the Spaces and Timeline
Spaceworks Tacoma is reliant on willing property owners to provide space and Spaceworks actively recruits space partners with viable locations for the proposed projects. Spaces vary in size and amenities. Spaceworks reserves the right to pair selected individuals/groups with spaces at its discretion. Keep in mind that the available spaces can be raw and windows can be expected to have active “For Lease” signs, which cannot be moved. Participants will be required to provide all furniture and, in some cases, fixtures.

Selected participants in the Spaceworks Special Projects Program must agree to the following:

  • Enter into an agreement with Spaceworks Tacoma regarding the terms of use
  • Have/obtain the appropriate City of Tacoma and State of Washington business licenses and permits (if applicable)
  • Be willing to relocate or give up the space if the property owner finds a permanent tenant within the negotiated timeframe
  • Present high quality artwork and/or service activity
  • Create an enticing visual display for passersby
  • Hold special events or open houses determined by Spaceworks or the participant
  • Partner with Spaceworks to market and promote events and activities
  • Have/obtain a General Liability insurance policy (if applicable)
  • Pay for utilities for your space  (if applicable)
  • Leave the space in the same or better condition when you move out
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws

Selection Criteria

All applicants will be selected based on the following criteria. The review process is competitive and the review panel will be looking for a diversity of offerings.

  • Quality of work as exhibited in the work sample
  • Feasibility and ability to execute proposal
  • Ability of the project’s storefront to engage the community including passers-by (if applicable)
  • Ingenuity and strength of concept/proposal
  • Appropriateness for the public realm

Selection Process
Applications to Special Projects are reviewed by Spaceworks’ staff and Steering Committee members.



  • 6 digital images that demonstrate the applicant’s past work and/or products and/or services you would provide/produce in a space.
    File Format: Submit only “High” quality JPEG files (do not use GIF, TIFF, or other formats.) Do not embed the images into PowerPoint or submit moving image or audio files.
    Image Size: Images must be 72 ppi resolution and 1000 pixels max on the largest side.
    File Size: Files must be less than 2 MB each
    File Labeling: Files must be titled with the applicant’s name followed by a number indicating the viewing order. Use a “0” in front of single digit numbers and use only letters, numbers, and underscores. For example: Smith_01.jpg; Smith_02.jpg. If using Mac OS 8 or later, be sure to include a “.jpg” extension at the end of each image title.
    File Upload: In the application, please upload your images in the order to be viewed.
  • AND/OR up to three Online Videos of the applicant’s past public interactions
    o Please provide the exact web address(es) where the online videos can be viewed. The panel will view a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 3 minutes of each video.

Provide the following information on the online application form for each image:

  •  Title of each work represented in the image or activity depicted
  • Media & dimensions (H x W x D”), if applicable, or description of activity
  • If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project

RESUME (three pages or less)

  • If submitting as a team/group, a current resume should be submitted for the contact person and all relevant team/group members
  • Save as pdf. File should be 1 MB or less.
  • Name your resume file with your last name like this: “Smith_ Resume.pdf”

BUDGET (one page or less)
Please outline a preliminary budget, including income and expenses. Essentially, let us know what resources you need to pull off this project and where you expect revenue to come from.

  • Save as pdf. File should be 1 MB or less.
  • Name your resume file with your last name like this: “Smith_ Budget.pdf”

We are looking for a clear idea of your project and your ability to successfully implement it. Be as concise as possible. The review panel will not read more than the designated word count for each question.

  1. Project Title: What is the name, or title, of your proposed project?
  2. Project Description: Explain your Special Project. (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  3. History: Tell us about your background or the background of your group or organization. Please describe, in detail, a successful project that you or your group has completed. (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  4. Organizational Impact: Why are you/your group in a good place to take advantage of a Special Project Residency opportunity? (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  5. Timeline: Please describe a general timeline for your project from planning to implementation. What are the steps that you’ll need to take in order to realize your vision and when will they occur? (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  6. Goals: What are your goals 3 months after moving into a space? What are your goals 6 months after moving into a space? How will you achieve those goals? (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  7. Space: Describe your ideal space requirements. How many square feet would be ideal? What would a space allow you to do that you can’t already do? In other words, why do you need a space, and how will it help further your artistic or professional life?  If you would be willing to share a space with the right group, please let us know here as well. (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  8. Space: How would you use a space? Feel free to include a calendar showing a typical week or month’s worth of programming or activity (don’t forget to include open hours, special events, open houses, 3rd Thursdays, regular hours of administrative or studio time). This is just so we can get an idea of how active the space will be, and how you’ll actually be using it. (200 words or less, a sample calendar can be submitted as a separate attachment)
  9. Space: Ideally, are you looking for a space to house your project long-term? If so, how much rent do you think your project could realistically afford after 6 months (a range is fine)? If you are not looking for a permanent space, how will a space help your project stabilize or grow? (200 words or less/1200 characters or less)
  10. Community Benefit: How would your project benefit the Tacoma community? What would the public see and experience? If you have specific ideas about outreach, marketing, special events, etc. related to your project, include those here. (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  11. Collaboration: Will you collaborate with other artists, businesses, or community groups?  If so, please name these groups, and explain the collaboration. (200 words/1200 characters or less)
  12. Other Support: Are you currently receiving support from other supporters or funders, for example: The City of Tacoma, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, Artist Trust, MDC, SCORE, etc? If so, please describe your relationship or what support you are receiving (grants, technical assistance, membership, etc.)

Ready to apply or have questions?  Contact Spaceworks Manager Heather Joy at 253.682.1722 or