Special Projects

Spaceworks provides opportunities to artists and creative entrepreneurs to produce unique, short-term events and installations in unique spaces around Tacoma. These opportunities become available to Spaceworks at unpredictable and random moments in time. Past projects have included a one-night-only art exhibit, a month-long theatrical residency, a three-month occupation for a band’s album recording, and a six-month artist residency.

China Lake Juxto by Matthew Olds -– Installation View at 1120 Pacific Avenue, 1st floor, May 2015
China Lake Juxto by Matthew Olds -– Installation View at 1120 Pacific Avenue, 1st floor, May 2015



Featured Special Projects

China Lake Juxto – Installation View
Matthew Olds

In this one-night-exhibit, artist Matthew Olds utilized a vast cavernous interior office space that had been sitting vacant for years. Olds brought the outdoors inside. The exhibit included an 8′ x 12′ x 2″ painting based on China Lake Park in Tacoma, WA, a 16′ x 32′ x 5″ reflection pond, as well as field recordings of bird songs to create a thoughtful and meditative space in the middle of downtown Tacoma.

James Grayson Sinding

1114 Pacific Avenue

March 1 – August 6, 2011

James Sinding’s word-based installations jubilantly proclaim the durability (at least in physical terms) of the written word. In 2010 he dumped thousands of alphabet letters in Tollefson Plaza for his wildly popular Spaceworks Tacoma installation, Letters. In 2011, he riffed on the concept with a project involving whole words and phrases.

The Ides of May
Barefoot Collective

915 Pacific Avenue :: March 1 – May 31, 2011
The Barefoot Collective (tBFC) is a Tacoma dance company who, since 2008, have earned praise for their original, contemporary works of power and passion. tBFC received a three-month Spaceworks Tacoma creative residency that supported the completion of a major performance piece, The Ides of May. The studio also held community auditions and offered dance instruction to students of all levels at their 915 Pacific Avenue rehearsal space.


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