Incubator Coaches

Spaceworks coaches help creative businesses grow with guidance and support. With experiences ranging from merchandising, to marketing, to non-profit development, these experts can help any business in the Incubator program transform their dreams into strategic plans.


Meet Spaceworks Business Coaches

Linda Shigaki
Kai Business Services


Linda Shigaki has over 30 years of experience in office administration and management for small and medium sized businesses in Seattle. (more…)

Alanna Rodgers
Deputy Director at Sound Outreach

Alanna is the Deputy Director of Sound Outreach. (more…)

A. Lawrence Haskins
Published Author and Motivational Speaker

A. Lawrence Haskins is the author of What Remains: A Short Story Trilogy and The Whisper of Serpents.  (more…)

Tiffany Burke
Photographer, Social Media Consultant, and Business Owner

Tiffany is a  commercial and portrait photographer. (more…)

Christine Buckley
Washington Center for Women in Business

Christine supports small businesses, specifically with strategy and financial literacy and analysis. She is relationship focused, which leads to strong collaboration and results. (more…)

Candace Thompson
Wild Child Group

Candace founded Wild Child Group “Disruptors of Normal” in 2014. She brings with her a truly global background and a passion for making the impossible happen. (more…)

Evan Leah Quinn

Evan is a digital strategist with 17 years experience designing and coding for the web.  (more…)

Dolly Small
Sound Outreach

Dolly’s consulting service provides business practice and process identification, support, guidance, and strategies for public and private sector entities and companies working with them. (more…)

Diane Tilstra
Community Activist and Philanthropy Consultant

Diane has been actively engaged in non-profit fundraising in environmental, education and human services organizations. (more…)

Patrick Scanlon
Intero LLC

Patrick Scanlon is strategic leader who helps organizations traverse change, team crisis, business, and technology puzzles via hands-on servant leadership, collaboration and experience. (more…)

Ann Sagawa
Education Development Manager

Ann Sagawa is an Educational Development Manager at Washington State University, and the organizer of the annual Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Tacoma. (more…)

Angela Prosper
Creative Media Consultant and Photographer

Angela is a working photographer and small business consultant for all things creative. (more…)

Jennifer O’Hare
Certified Executive Coach & Digital Marketing Leader

If you bring your motivation, Jennifer will bring her performance, marketing leadership, the coaching process and her commitment to supporting your growth.  (more…)

Lisa Markman
Jigsaw Solutions

Lisa Markman is an energetic leader, coach, facilitator and consultant experienced in business, non-profit and professional development.  (more…)

Nick Malden
Former CFO

Nick Malden is a retired CFO, who has worked at Duracell Batteries and Ventana Medical Systems. (more…)

Ellen Brown
Accounting for Taste

Through years of owning and operating small businesses, she has developed the tools and strategies for helping new or established businesses to open, operate and thrive.  (more…)

Pam Giles
Liquid Assets Accounting

Pam Giles has spent 25 years in the accounting industry working for various companies, both large and small.  (more…)

Margaret Groves
Engineered Process Improvement

Margaret is an experienced project manager and chemical engineer with over a dozen years of extensive, multi-disciplinary project management expertise, including eight years in defense and commercial aerospace R&D (more…)

David Fuller
Fuller Management Group

David Fuller specializes in Real Estate development. He is the president of Fuller Management Group and 7 Arts Construction & Design. (more…)

Jasmine Bridges
Bridges to Empowerment LLC

Jasmine’s mission is to enable and empower people to walk in their passion and purpose.  (more…)

Miriam Works
Works Consulting

Miriam consults on business and marketing issues for creatively driven entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits.  (more…)

Tawn Holstra-Auston
Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs

Tawn Holstra Auston is a speaker, consultant, author, and most importantly, a creative entrepreneur. (more…)