2018 Incubator Participants

Spaceworks’ Incubator participants are provided with the tools, resources, and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, and they enjoy peer support and exchange while in our program. Each year we select a group of participants for the program, and you can learn more about the creative businesses that participated in each cohort.

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Tacoma Dance Studios
Kat Ross

Tacoma Dance Studios provides an open and accessible dance space for all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. Kat, a local Tacoma belly dancer, saw the need for a space for adults to take classes without any judgement. After teaching for 4 years she took the jump to studio ownership in 2017. 


Orthographic Audio
Geoff Cole

We offer sound solutions and speakers that feature unique designs combining geometric shapes and organic lines. Custom colors and materials can be made to match any living space. We also offer scalable modules for various budgets to grow with ears and listening spaces.


Colin Andersen Illustration
Colin Andersen

A native of Tacoma, WA, I’m a cartoonist and illustrator for the Adventure Time comics series and other Young Adult graphic novels. Every day I try to get a little better at what I’m doing, whether its drawing, teaching, biking or relaxing with a cup of tea.

Caring With Compassion™
Ronita Boullt

As a disability advocate, consultant, and educator I promote disability awareness using my 30 + years experiences personally and professionally working within the healthcare social services systems. I support individuals with chronic health care conditions and disabilities and their caretakers in understanding and navigating an integrated healthcare system. I educate healthcare professionals, medical providers, businesses, and communities in accessing services supporting their clients’ quality of life, safety and welfare, community engagement, and maximum independence cost effectively.

ATMO Architecture
Anne Baker

ATMO is the Greek root of atmosphere – a word that evokes the distinctive yet intangible quality we all experience in spaces that stimulate our senses, our reverence for beauty, and our connection to nature. My focus in architecture is centered in atmosphere. This means rather than immediately discussing doors, walls, and windows, I begin the design process by really understanding you, and identifying the atmospheres and spatial flow that will best support you as an individual, a family, or a business. This understanding informs each and every design detail of your project and translates to a finished space that aligns with your brand, culture, and desired customer experience (for commercial projects), or lifestyle and family dynamic (for residential projects).

The People’s Parlor
Aaliyah Al-Mahdi

A classy place to hang out and get a quick salon fix. Includes a craft cocktail bar, hair and nail salon, and cigar room. Looking good and feeling great!

Top Tenth Clothing
Isaiah Hunt

Our goal at Top Tenth Clothing is pretty simple: we seek to curate positivity and  understanding by creating dialogue through Art, Love, Understanding, Acceptance. Everyone of us has those super powers. And really that’s all you need. We’re just here to help you along the way by allowing you to BE YOUR OWN HERO. Our goal is to educate our audience and to give them the opportunity to educate others. At Top Tenth Clothing we encourage you to “Wear Your Mind On Your Sleeve”.  (more…)

Circle Up Productions
Michelle Matlock

Circle Up Productions collaborates to create platforms and workshop opportunities for performing artists/groups to develop and showcase original and new work.

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