2016 Incubator Participants

Spaceworks’ Incubator participants are provided with the tools, resources, and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, and they enjoy peer support and exchange while in our program. Each year we select a group of participants for the program, and you can learn more about the creative businesses that participated in each cohort.

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Dream Music Project
Michael Chansavang

Dream Music Project is designed to bring underserved young artists from Tacoma, ages 14 and up, to further explore music and the arts by providing them a supportive and creative space where they can perform together, develop their skills, and share their talent with the world. (more…)

Lance Kagney

Through design, marketing/communications strategies and solutions, local event-based activities and art installations via public art commission opportunities — Rotator strivse for the outcome of creating deeper connections. (more…)

Tacoma Arts Community Center
Tiffany & Sean Patrick Burke

The Tacoma Arts Community Center is a collective of creatives that believe in the ever evolving of education in our community of artists and entrepreneurs. (more…)

Tacoma Arts Online
Sebastian Levy-Aldrete

Tacoma Arts Online is dedicated to bringing the world of Tacoma’s classical performing arts scene to a wider audience. (more…)

Brown Betty
Kellie Richardson

Brown Betty provides armor and inspiration for real life by offering everyday luxury with products that feed your soul, your body, and your style. (more…)

Erika Ray

Erika Ray creates eco-conscious art on paper and textiles, working both in her studio and in front of audiences. She produces events that pair live art-making with music and performance. (more…)

Tacoma Thrift and Consignment
Jessica Prindel

Tacoma Thrift & Consignment is a unique second-hand store which features a curated selection of thrift, vintage and locally made goods. (more…)

Sky Movement, LLC
Richard Penton and Clemm Rishad

This full-service entertainment company specializes in the marketing, planning, coordination, and execution of a variety of special events. (more…)

Explore It Scavenger Hunts
Christina Murray

Go on an adventure around Tacoma to find lions, dancing birds, or giant salmon as different styles of urban art. (more…)

This Then That
Martha Lucas and Janelle Abbott

This Then That is here to clean up the mess already created by fast fashion by reinventing the mountains of textiles bound for the landfill, with attention to low impact dye methods and the true cost of labor, into new and inspired garments that are for every day and for everybody! (more…)

Bering Street Studio
Stephanie Lile

Bering Street Studio provides traveling exhibits and interpretive services to museums and nonprofits across the country who strive to make art, culture, and the wonders of the planet accessible to all. (more…)

Ogden Pens
Stella Kemper & Rebecca Parson

The Culture Shock Collective
Clarissa Gines & Rosemary Mathison

The CultureShock Collective is a project-based, collaborative duo who works in partnership with artists of color and creatives from marginalized backgrounds to promote and more colorful and vibrant artistic landscape in Tacoma. (more…)

Red Scarf Revolution
Silong Chhun

Awareness by design. Red Scarf Revolution aims to bring silenced art, culture, and the darkest tragedy of Cambodia’s history to light with designs that incite the resiliency of the Khmer people. (more…)

Adventures By Appointment
Andrew Fry

Tacoma’s first puzzle/escape room is a new kind of theatrical experience in the South Sound. (more…)

Have Not Films
Sean Patrick Burke and Erik Bernard

Have Not Films, Inc. (HNF) was formed in 2014 to specialize in the development, packaging, and distribution of motion pictures for global theatrical, television, and digital-delivery markets. (more…)

Steve Buchanan

HMG3D is an exhibit and graphic design company that offers design, presentation, and support services to the exhibit industry. (more…)

Sunday Morning Coffee featuring Cora Coffee Roasters
Tara Brown

Cora Coffee Roasters is a scrappy, small-batch coffee roaster in love with drizzly pacific northwest days and the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee. (more…)

Swoon Records
Jeff Southard & Abby Kok

Swoon Records selects high-quality bands and solo musicians to represent and oversees and/or directly implements the production, distribution, and sales of high-quality music releases (albums, EP’s, and singles). (more…)

Josiah French & Devon Baldwin

PRESA acts as the primary access point for youth-oriented culture, art and lifestyle. (more…)

The Yes Works
Aaron Schmookler & Adam Utley

The Yes Works offer experiential training to working teams to help them communicate, collaborate, and sell at the top of their game. (more…)

Elope 253
Rochelle Bergstrom

Elope 253 is small, hyperlocal elopement chapel that provides low-stress, intimate wedding packages in a modern-classic space that echoes the grit and creative vibe of Tacoma. Elope 253 is a place for couples who consciously decide to forgo the expensive, stressful, detail-oriented circus that can be a traditional wedding; instead, they focus on each other and simply elope. (more…)

Monique Smith

Lettuce is an interactive live art event that showcases various mediums from local Tacoma artists. Their mission is to build a thriving art community through showcasing live art that empowers, inspires, and educates while promoting creative industries. (more…)

Mihael Blikshteyn Photography
Mihael Blikshteyn

Mihael Blikshteyn is a commercial photographer in Tacoma, Washington, specializing in maritime, industrial and real estate photography. (more…)

Kalvin Trancao & Sasha Ashworth

SPFYTEES offers interactive garment decorating of official merchandise for venue promoters at their events in order to increase customer engagement. They activate a space that offers a free experience and tangible product for the event participant. (more…)

Liz van Dyke

Stocklist is a gift and lifestyle store in downtown Tacoma. (more…)

The Productivity Parlour for Artful Living
Naarah McDonald & Erin Severe

The Productivity Parlour for Artful Living is Tacoma’s first textile maker space. (more…)

Splice Welding & Design
Scott J. Cormier

Splice Welding & Design is a full-service design and metal fabrication studio specializing in custom steel elements for the home and business. (more…)

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