Seabury School Art Installation

Artist Angela Larsen leads Seabury School students in a study on the modern city, and the construction of this installation.
Streetside Artscape:
Angela Larsen with Seabury School
Woolworth Window #1, near Commerce & 11th St.
December 31, 2017 – March 15, 2018

This project is part of TRANSFORM – The Tacoma Theater District Culture & Transportation Plan.

Angela Larsen states “Students have been studying modernity and the modern city with their general education classes and we are using these windows as the first opportunity to collaborate on an artwork as well as a way to explore the idea of buildings and their components. Students are working individually or in small groups to build their structures only using cardboard, tape, and glue and we will work as a team to install the final piece into a stacked cluster type city. The buildings reflect very primitive materials and construction and that are contrasted by metallic cellophane surrounding the structures on the floor of the windows.”


Information on TRANSFORM – The Tacoma Theater District Culture & Transportation Plan
Pierce Transit, City of Tacoma, and Broadway Center for Performing Arts are developing a plan to redesign the transportation and cultural hub that is framed by 9th and 11th streets, Broadway and Pacific Ave, within the Theater District. This future TRANSFORMation of the area can be informed by YOU! Please join the partners and Spaceworks Tacoma for a variety of engaging events, art installations, and performances that will happen in the district. We would love to hear your opinions about the future of the area!

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