“Our neighborhoods are filled with secrets, and often strife, but in the end there is a beat of life, a rhythm of existence…”

Streetside Artscape:
Michael Dinning
Woolworth Window #2, near Broadway & 11th St.
December 31, 2017 – March 15, 2018

Michael Dinning states “I believe that our lives are assemblages of the people and events that we choose to hold close, and that we need to return to, again and again, as we navigate the world around us. Our identities are constructed with these intriguing little bits and pieces, because they compel us, bring us joy, and define the way that we want to see ourselves, and how others see us. All of these parts, both essential and insignificant, combine to make us unique. Our neighborhoods are the complex collections of these assemblages, and to understand how we fit in the world it is important to examine the life right around us, our communities of people and events, routines and ideas.”

“Neighborhood” presents these elements as a cohesive whole through a number of works, both free-standing and wall hanging, all featuring images of the people who inhabit our community and reflect who we are. Neighborhoods are eclectic, messy, chaotic. They are the places where we interact with others, and they are the places where we keep our secrets. They keep our history, give us a sense of place, intrigue us with light and sound, movement and music. Life can be as mundane as a morning commute, or as joyous as a dance to drive away the rain. Our neighborhoods are filled with secrets, and often strife, but in the end there is a beat of life, a rhythm of existence, that keeps it all compelling, intriguing and filled with light. This is a light of life which illuminates the world around, and glows within us all. More than anything, “Neighborhood” is my homage to this light, which I keep returning to, constantly entrancing, perpetually present and a never-ending source of energy and joy.”