chrys-a-lis is a fashion design company curating an accepting community of self and creating customized patterns and clothing for every body image.

chrys-a-lis wants to dress YOU. This is an individual approach to fitting patterns to fit you individually. Many people are convinced that clothing just doesn’t fit them. Clothing isn’t manufactured to fit you. It is made based on assumptions and broad averages. Mass production manufacturing cannot make a garment that fits you perfectly. (PERIOD!) Nothing is wrong with yoga pants, but have you ever thought when wearing a suit the effort in dressing up sometimes misses the mark? Sometimes fitting needs – curvy, pear, flat backside, fat, skinny, tall, long legs, short legs, on and on and on and….. Perfect bodies are imaginary. But perfect fit is attainable for the body you have. There is no need to limit your view of you. You’ve worked hard, reached goals and are working to build a successful life. Let the world see you the way you want to be seen.


Owner, Chelsia Berry


2019 Cohort

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