Lindley Witch

Lindley Witch provides ceremonial self-care, ritual photography, and magically curated events.

The Lindley Witch is a Queer Pagan PNW Witch named Nicole Lindley. Helping others Tend to Holistic & Mental Health through Magic & Real World Application, I offer Tarot Readings, Reiki Healing, Breathwork Ceremonies and Astrology Readings. I combine these Holistic services with Ceremonial services such as 35mm Photography, Vintage Fashion and Event Coordination + Entertainment based in the PNW. The combination of spiritual and physical needs brings people to a place of safety and vulnerability, able to freely explore and share themselves. Guiding & Helping Humans is the passion of my life, using these tools allows me to connect with others and give them the space to open up and tend to any trauma or unresolved emotions sitting within
or to simple enjoy and indulge in the ecstasy of living in the present.


Owner, Lindley Witch

Nicole Lindley                     

2019 Cohort

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