Electricbranch Creative

ELECTRICBRANCH Creative is a small staffed, big idea creative firm based in Tacoma, WA. This energetic startup put its emphasis on the why instead of what, thus creating a brand image and strategy that was purposeful and focused from start to finish. The firm was born on a cold winter’s night in 2011 after a deep analysis of a “ Fireside Chat.” Their approach is from the inside out: “it’s easy to look good, it’s hard to back it up.”   After 3 months as Electricbranch Creative in their Spaceworks Creative Enterprise space at 311 S. 7th, JD Elquist and Travis Pranger changed their focus to their love of fashion and opened Feather & Oar. Feather & Oar was a menswear mercantile that offered a precise selection of men’s clothing and accessories, ranging from designer to vintage. At the end of their successful 6-month Spaceworks residency, they were able to transition into a new space in January 2013. Also featured at Feather & Oar was Black Anchor Workshop, which offers their own line of hand-made leather & canvas goods inspired by a love of the outdoors, adventure & community. In May 2014, Feather & Oar closed its doors and by June 24th JD opened a new shop at 780 Commerce St. with his lovely wife Drew called The Elquists, offering “his, hers and hair.” On July 17 The Weekly Volcano noticed The Elquists in their article “Fashion Forward Tacoma.”

Electricbranch Creative / JD Elquist, Travis Pranger & Drew Frazier
2012 Cohort



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