Rodney Raccoon Multimedia Production

We’re all familiar with the ways of raccoons – they’re clever, inquisitive and playful creatures. No wonder then, that this ring-tailed varmint is the animated mascot for educational media produced by Rodney Raccoon and BYTM (Building Youth Through Music)/WayOut Kids, a non-profit whose mission is to teach children and youth through music and multimedia. BYTM has developed the “Rodney Raccoon” character, curricula and outreach into an award-winning model that successfully involves youth and the community in social change through the delivery of information to diverse groups of children, parents, and local educators.  As part of their Spaceworks Creative Enterprise term, BYTM worked on new multimedia material.

Rodney Raccoon Multimedia Production / JD Davis / BYTM (Building Youth Through Music) / WayOut Kids
2012 Cohort









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