Head in the Clouds

Activating the Pantages Theater’s streetside display cases with a message for people to follow their dreams. 

Streetside Artscape:
Anastasia Zielinski / Head in the Clouds
Pantages Theater Display Cases, 9th & Commerce
May – December 2018

“As an artist, I’ve been told more than once that I need to face reality and get a real job. Many people are discouraged from following their dreams because those dreams are perceived as difficult to achieve or not likely to be lucrative. I believe we each exist on this planet for a specific reason. When you don’t follow your dreams, you are not only preventing yourself from reaching your full potential and ultimate happiness, but also denying the world the unique contribution you were meant to make. Following your dreams is by no means easy, it’s hard work and takes grit and determination. You will likely face rejection, failure and disappointment along your path, but persevere and take the long view; you will reach your goal eventually!”

See more of Anastasia Zielinski‘s work at:  www.anastasiazielinski.com