Hoyt Crace

Hoyt Crace is an artist from Lakewood, WA who specializes in creating detailed works with a simple ballpoint pen. 

Hoyt Crace
Participant in Spaceworks’ Coworking Program
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Hoyt Crace is a self-taught artist from Lakewood, WA.  His studio location is Spaceworks Tacoma, Room 204, 1120 Pacific Ave. Hoyt specializes in creating mesmerizing images using only a simple ballpoint pen. His subjects range from photorealistic portraits to narrative fantasies born of his own imagination. Incredibly intricate and detailed, some of these works take over 900 hours to produce. Hoyt also works in watercolor, acrylic, ink and gouache.

His work has been featured at the Bill Wyland Gallery in Lahaina, Maui, HI and are included in a print collection at the University of Washington in Seattle. In September 2018, Hoyt’s pen work of his pocket watch won People’s Choice award at the Lakewood Film-Arts-Books Festival.

To view samples of the artist’s work, please visit www.hoytcrace.com. Hoyt’s contact number is (253) 777-8266 or Kitty Tartaglia at (253) 691-3113 or k.tartaglia@comcast.net.

Hoyt’s motto is “Think it, I can ink it.  He does custom work for individuals, business offices and whatever is presented to him.  His prints are of the finest quality from Bellevue Fine Art.




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