Thyme Well Spent

Thyme Well Spent offers a catering service, classes, and consulting with the goal to provide the ultimate culinary experience. 

“My culinary journey started when  I was about 7 years old,  I attended a small private school in Tacoma, WA, and it was there that the “lunch lady”  Cora, would allow me to help her prepare meals. It would be small tasks like counting silverware or napkins, but watching her cook I felt I was looking at magician. A sprinkle of this, a dash of this… and her knife skills, amazed me. But my favorite part of  getting to taste test everything, oh boy I hit the jackpot!  I had to learn, and she taught even to this day over 20 years later she still can’t get rid of me. From there, started as a dishwasher and worked my way up to many positions in the field, and now I own my own food truck & Catering business. Its crazy how my gift developed, like seriously, I am like the “Rainmain” of Culinary, I don’t know how my brain looks at food and comes up with plating design, flavors without proper culinary training, All my food and flavors come from Dreams, thank God for helping me out, he is the Chef and I’m the Sous Chef. What I enjoy most about my line of work is being able to feed people, whether it be physically or spiritually, I provide great hospitality and comfort. Whether you are happy, sad, or even if you are feeling down, let me feed you, you wont be the same after a Thyme Well Spent experience.”

-Chef Chantel Jackson



Thyme Well Spent/ Chantel Jackson


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