The Dreamers

“Since 2009, Gabrielle’s murals have strengthened communities and provided soul to the concrete jungle.

Her fine art is rooted in devotion to the Divine Feminine and is designed to elevate your home with sacred imagery and earth-based pigments.”

Streetside Artscape:
Gabrielle Abbott // The Dreamers

11th and Broadway
October 2022 – December 2022

“‘The Dreamers’ shows a sleeping couple surrounded by a surreal landscape of flowers and mandalas. Are we seeing their shared vision or their “auras” co-mingling? Is it a psychedelic image from an avatar-esque planet? I’ll let you decide. This piece was inspired by love– in particular, the love of two dear friends who recently wedded at the Burning Man Event. I wanted to create a backdrop for their ceremony, and also involve our burner community in the process.

I conceived of a giant “coloring book” wall that could be completed during the gathering. Before departure, I sketched the outlines of The Dreamers in clear black lines onto primed plywood. We drove down with the panels carefully packed in a box truck and drilled them onto posts laid into the dusty desert. During the festival, we invited anyone to grab a paintbrush and color the shapes according to their unique inspirations.

The result is the collective mural you see today. It was absolutely thrilling to release control of the finished product and to collaborate with an entire community. Except for the plywood panels themselves, all the paint was salvaged from other mural projects and donated by artist friends. It is a mixture of acrylic and latex house paint.”


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