A Spanish greeting, “‘Quihúbole,’ (kee-oh-boh-leh) also spelled without the H and ton of other ways… translates to “What’s Up”….. so what’s up tacoma?”

Streetside Artscape:
Jorge Garcia // ¿Quihúbole?

11th & Commerce St.
December 2022 – June 2023

As a Chicano Tacoma resident, Jorge has a nuanced and fluent understanding of the intricate dynamics of the city. Because of this he wants to represent our diverse communities and culture through public art. Utilizing strong shapes and bold lettering he is able to create murals that reflect the community. Jorge’s art employs bold backgrounds and large groups of colors, which makes executing powerful designs possible. This piece was designed with the thought of bringing different kinds of cultural representation to the downtown area. By utilizing the Woolworth Window to display a Spanish phrase/greeting, he hopes to broaden the horizon of who downtown art is for, welcoming native Spanish speakers into the area. “Quihúbole” (kee-oo-boh-leh), also seen spelled Quiúbole, translates to “What’s up?” but holds more significance, as it’s more accurately translated as a conversation starter. Jorge hopes that this installation also sparks interest for non-Spanish speakers to pick up a new phrase or begin learning about the language or culture.


See more of Jorge’s work at www.instagram.com/reentryslip


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