A Tainted Tea

Cat Grey's tea party: a morbid gathering.

Acataphasia Grey throws the battiest tea parties – with creatures conjured from a surrealist sanatorium or an insane Victorian child’s nursery. Tea for Short  Expectations, her installation in Opera Alley, is no exception. Look closely through the peepholes in the window and you’ll make out “reworked” taxidermy animals not found in nature, and stuffed animals with more than the recommended number of eyes and limbs. The lighting is appropriately dim, making one strain to interpret the dream-like arrangement of “sparkly things, dead things, found things….I created this installation so that you can see one of the secret places where mutant animals meet to drink tea, or wine, or whatever it is that mutant animals drink,” she says. “This small party is just for the Unusual Ones that live nearby.”

This peculiar gathering is just what you’d expect from the founder of The Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club. We suggest viewing it through absinthe-colored glasses. Tea for Short Expectations, in Opera Alley through July 1.

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