Wake Me When It's Over

Check out Gabriel Brown‘s Dreamtime performance today at the Woolworth Building, noon-2p.m. and 8-10p.m. The artist will settle down for a snooze inside his Great Tasting Goodness! installation on a landfill-size bed of junk packaging whose loud colors could waken the dead.

“Should be pretty low profile,” says Brown. As if modeling after a set of Russian nesting dolls, the artist fits himself neatly inside a work about the pitfalls of consumerism, which is ironically situated inside the storefront window of a former retail giant in the heart of the financial district. Brown promises to be “dressed as an average suburban male wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses, a yellow-and-blue striped polo shirt, khaki pants, a brown belt, a shiny watch, brown socks, and a pair of brown loafers while listening to my i-Pod.” Cardboard packaging slathered with garish colors and advertising slogans covers the floor and walls of the exhibit, threatening to suffocate any who dare to enter.

The American dream, indeed.

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