Toy Boat Theatre Rolls Out Dada for Nada, and the Blues to Boot

Enjoy a bit of unhinged thea-tuh in FREE performances of *WaT is DaDa?: an original Dada Theatre Cabaret, conceived by Neo-Dadaist Marilyn Bennett and University of Puget Sound theatre arts students. The troupe calls this a series of command performances (“We command you to attend!”): Nov. 17-18, 8pm, at Norton Clapp Theatre, Jones Hall, UPS campus; and Nov. 19, 8pm and 10pm, at Toy Boat Theatre, 1314 Martin Luther King Way, in the Hilltop neighborhood. Price per ticket: FREE! It’s nada for Dada (but donations gladly accepted).

“Prepare to be unhinged, overwhelmed, lambasted, just basted, and caramel,” warns the press release. “Dada is a spook, a tomato, a rocking horse, the wet nurse. Nothing is dada, everything is dada.” Presented by the UPS Department of Theatre Arts in conjunction with Spaceworks Tacoma.

On Nov. 7, at 7pm, Toy Boat is presenting a free reading of Stones in my Passway, Tacoma playwright C. Rosalind Bell‘s screenplay about blues guitar legend Robert Johnson. This is a rare opportunity to hear a diverse company of 12 professional and community actors read this rich, textured and cinematic treatment about the too short life of Robert Johnson. In the American South, in the 1930s, this African-American blues artist developed a sound and approach that was to influence the entire genre of rock-and-roll music, before his untimely death at age 27. Johnson lived and played with passion and abandon; Ms. Bell’s screenplay captures his spirit.

For more information on these shows and the UPS students rockin’ the Hilltop, please click .

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