Special Project Residencies in Tacoma

Goldfinch Album Cover
Goldfinch’s Faded Explanations Vols. 1-3 album cover

Ever wondered, “What is a ‘Special Project Residency'”? It’s free temporary space to do any number of things:  Create a piece that is too big for your current studio;  Record your next album; Hold your non-profit’s next special event; the list goes on. Or maybe you are an artist who has thought of relocating to Tacoma. Bring your ideas and creativity and check it out for 6 months!

An example of a past Special Project Residency is the band Goldfinch. From January – March 2012, they were awarded a Spaceworks space where they wrote and arranged many of the songs that would become their latest full-length record entitled, Faded Explanations: Vols. 1 – 3. (The record is available at Bandcamp and is “name your price”. Click here to listen and download it.) 

A track of Spaceworks Tacoma, Special Project Residencies offer dedicated practicing artists, community groups and organizations the chance to pursue projects and develop work in any discipline for up to six months in a temporary space. Residencies are not open to the public, except for special events or open houses determined by Spaceworks and/or the participant(s). Accommodations are not provided and the spaces are available only for work. Participants are required to ‘bring the storefront window to life’ and have active public components that help connect with the community.

The online application is easy…submit 6 images, a resume, a budget, and answer 9 questions that address these aspects of your project:

1. Project Title
2. Project Description
3. History
4. Organizational Impact
5. Timeline
6. Space Requirements
7. Community Benefit
8. Collaboration
9. Other Resources

All applicants will be selected based on the following criteria.

◦ Quality of work as exhibited in the work sample
◦ Feasibility and ability to execute proposal
◦ Ability of the project to engage the community including passers-by
◦ Ingenuity and strength of concept/proposal
◦ Benefit to the community and appropriateness for the public realm

Accepted projects will likely get space in Fall/Winter 2013. Interested? You better hurry…the deadline to apply is Monday, June 10th at midnight! Contact Spaceworks Coordinator Heather Joy if you have any questions. Click here for full guidelines, application checklist and a link to the online application.