The City of Destiny Poetry Slam: Hilltop Edition

A poem by Jason Salazar, written while attending the Write@253 writing center, pasted to an alleyway wall at 11th & Court C as part of a group mural project with Spaceworks Tacoma in 2013-14.

City of Destiny Poetry Slam: Hilltop Edition 
May 15, 2015, 6pm
Sure House Church
901 S. 10th St.

For all those drawn to writing and poetry, and for those with a heart for Hilltop… make sure to see the City of Destiny Poetry Slam: Hilltop Edition proudly organized by Write@253, the Tacoma Historic Preservation Department, and local poets Nicci Montgomery, and Michael Haeflinger.

Here’s what Write@253 has to say about the upcoming poetry slam, “We are truly thrilled and honored to support a beautiful new project: the City of Destiny Poetry Slam: Hilltop edition. We can see it now: teens from throughout our community sharing their thoughts on one of our city’s best-known and most beloved neighborhoods, the Hilltop. We can’t wait to hear what our young people have to say.”

Here’s how it works:

“Local historians and poets will lead four workshops to prepare contestants, ages 12-19, for the May 15 performance at Sure House Church. The top three poets will have custom posters, designed by local artists, that highlight their poems displayed through the city. The May 15 event, which begins at 6 pm, will also feature performances by local hip hop artists and poets. It’s free and open to the public. Sure House Church is located at 901 S. 10th St.”

For more information and to register for the slam, people may contact Lauren at or

Here are the workshop dates, times, locations, and subjects, in the words of the organizers:

March 28: Launch event at Write@253 (1310 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way 2-4pm)
This is a chance for everyone to get together, meet, write, and share work. It’s chill and drop-in, so come by and say hello. We will have info on the workshops and an open mic!

April 11: MAPS Workshop at Fabitat
(1312 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, 2-4 pm)
Catalina Ocampo will lead this workshop on the theme of maps.

April 29: Time Capsules Workshop at Bethlehem Baptist Church
(4818 E. Portland Ave., 7-9 pm)
Led by slam poet Georgena Frazier.

May 9: S.W.A.G.
(Subject. Wit. Attitude. Grit.) at Tacoma Urban League (27th and Yakima, 2-4 pm)
Cathy Nguyen will lead this workshop on what it means to own your story, stylize your wordplay, harness your voice, and pen your legacy.