New Tacoma Resource for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


From the arts, to science, to social services and entrepreneurship, crowdfunding campaigns are becoming an increasingly prevalent means of fund raising. Social Contract It is a new business in Tacoma focused on assisting people in pulling off the best campaign possible. Spaceworks participants Gwendolyn Kohl and Michael Laine, have put together a marvelous team along with Naarah McDonald to offer classes, workshops, weekly meet-ups, networking events, and networking event along with their consulting services. Here is a more detailed description in their own words:

“Social Contract, SPC, also known as Social Contract It, is a community crowdfunding resource. We are a Social Purpose Corporation, which means that we are a profit company, but we reserve the right to make business decisions that will help people and communities. We have two branches of business – education and business services.”

“We focus on education – teaching people what crowd funding is, why it can be very beneficial, and how to efficiently and effectively develop campaigns. We offer several different opportunities – weekly morning meetings, twice monthly evening meetings, seminars, workshops, and contracted speaking engagements. We connect campaign founders, backers, service providers, and suppliers to create a supportive and engaged community. This ecosystem improves economic development on both a local and global level.”

“We realize that even when people understand the impact crowdfunding can have, not everyone has the ability, energy, or interest to develop and manage crowdfunding campaigns. To this end, we offer many levels of business services – consulting, critiquing, and campaign development, management, fulfillment, and repair. Please see our website for pricing.”

*Beta Saturday Seminar – 3/28/15
Crowd Funding 101: an introduction and timeline to get you prepared to develop your campaign.

Saturday Seminar Tickets:

Our events are listed on our website, as well as the attached calendar. If you know someone who may be interested in crowd funding, please send them info about Social Contract It!

Be well,

The Social Contract It Team

Gwendolyn Kohl, CEO, President of Education, and Co-founder
Naarah McDonald, President of Business Services and Co-founder
Michael Laine, Business Development and Co-founder