Welcoming Spaceworks Development Intern Casey Hook


Spaceworks would like to welcome Casey Hook as our new development intern!

Casey is an aspiring fund-raiser and organizer. He is passionate about organization and experimentation. As an intern he is helping to update and compile records into our new Salesforce database, while wrestling with 8 mile wide Excel spreadsheets. He will also be assisting with the annual report, the annual fundraiser, and general fundraising efforts.

Casey holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Evergreen State College, where he studied a wide range of topics. He only discovered his passion for nonprofit work in his last year at Evergreen. He is now preparing to go back for his Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on Nonprofit Administration.

Even though his passion for nonprofits is relatively new, he has been a member of and often volunteered for his local food co-op for much of his life. As this is his first internship with any organization, Casey is very excited to learn what he can, and to apply his new knowledge and skills to helping Spaceworks in any way that he can.

He was raised in Olympia and only recently moved to Tacoma. He and his wife moved when she got her first teaching job here in Tacoma. It was in preparation for the move that Casey first discovered Spaceworks. When researching local non-profits he was very excited to discover an organization that was successfully implementing such exciting methods for down-town beautification and revitalization. He is excited to be a part of the Spaceworks team.