New Stadium High Intern Madison Newton

Madison Newton is currently a student and practicing artist at Stadium High School. She enrolled in the Next Move program which placed her in an internship with Spaceworks Tacoma. So far, Madison’s projects with Spaceworks have included building blogs, adding to our a website archive, and delivering posters to local businesses.

Check out some of Madison’s artwork!

Taun Taun” by Wadis0n. Hand drawn/digitally painted, inspired by Disneyland’s Star Tours.

Madison’s artist statement: “I am Madison Newton but my art name is Wadis0n and I work with both digital and Handmade art pieces. I’d consider myself mostly a “Character Illustrator”. I make a lot of anthropomorphic characters. Most of these characters are animals and monsters with weird combinations and colors. I work in a cartoon style with popping color. I love creating visual things for people to look at. It creates a connection when they look at my characters and feed off the emotions they portray. Each character I make has a back story and fits into a stereotype that people can relate to themselves. Art itself is very important to me as a means of expression and creativity. It’s a way to put what is on my mind out on paper.”

Bo” by Wadis0n. Hand drawn/digitally painted.

“To create these art pieces I use a digital drawing tablet called the intous 5. This allows me to draw on the computer and work with my digital work. I use the drawing program Paint Tool SAI to fully create and render my work. When it comes to my hand made work, I use pens, pencils, Prisma Color markers, acrylic paints, and anything I can get my hands on.”

Choji & Bo” by Wadis0n. Hand drawn/digitally painted.