Apply to Creative Enterprise, Tier 1

Spaceworks participants, top left: Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press. Top right: Bradley Castillo of Fametakers and Puget Sound Printing. Bottom left: Isaac Martinez of Pointline. Bottom Right: Rebecca Solverson of Tacoma Tool Library. Photos by Patrick Hagerty.

Spaceworks invites creatives* who have a plan for a creative/innovative business that benefits Tacoma’s community and are seeking to develop a thriving business to apply to participate in its Creative Enterprise Program.

*Creatives can be artists, designers, crafters, techies, makers, consultants, organizations, community groups and other entrepreneurs working in any creative field (for-profit or non-profit).

Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Program – Tier I provides relevant and meaningful business training and peer-to-peer support to the participants to systematically grow Tacoma’s creative class and generate destination quality activity that will engage and transform our community. Affordable space is also provided, dependent on availability, to serve as a training ground to test new ideas, products and services with a safety net of technical assistance and mentorship.

Selected participants will start Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Training in August 2016 and pitch a full business plan for review in November 2016. Dates: 6-9 PM every Tuesday from August 23 – November 22, 2016

Questions? Office hours and Information Sessions

Spaceworks will offer information sessions and “office hours” for potential applicants prior to the deadline to present ways to build a strong application and provide feedback to applicant’s proposals.

Information Sessions:
June 28 and July 12, 2016
5:00 – 7:00 PM
1120 Creative House (1120 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402)

Click here to sign up for a meeting with the Creative Enterprise Coordinator during “office hours”.

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Examples of current Creative Enterprises:

  • Retail space for hand-made items (i.e. jewelry, fashion, art, etc.) – example: Do The Extraordinary
  • Services (i.e. art or dance classes, design advice, etc.) – example: Fabitat
  • Merchandising a creative product – example: Grit City Grindhouse
  • Art Galleries/Museums – example: Mod Curio
  • Creative home-based businesses testing their product in a retail environment – example: The T-shirt Men Company
  • Office space (individual or co-working) for creative business, for example: digital media company or photographer with a digital darkroom – example: Turtledust Media
  • Long-term artist studio space/sole proprietor artist – example: Nate Dybevik Piano & Co.

Selected participants in the Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Program – Tier I must agree to the following:

  • Enter into an agreement with Spaceworks Tacoma regarding the program
  • Participate in Spaceworks’ business training program (6-9 PM every Tuesday from August 23 – November 22, 2016)
  • Participate in occasional Spaceworks events
  • Partner with Spaceworks to market and promote events and activities associated with your project

Benefits include:

  • Small business training (6-9 PM every Tuesday from August 23 – November 22, 2016)
  • Participation in our coaching program
  • Introductory 6-month membership to the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber
  • Marketing through Spaceworks’ website, FB, IG, enews, print & online maps
  • Space – rent free for 3 to 6 months (Acceptance into the Spaceworks program is not a guarantee that you will be placed in a space. We can only place as many projects as we have available spaces.)
  • Simple vinyl signage for your store windows
  • A modest tenant improvement budget for health & safety issues and minor upgrades

Participants can expect the following associated costs:

  • Program fee (sliding scale: $50 – $200 based on participant’s income level)

For participants that get a space:

  • Utilities ($50 – $200/mo depending on the space)
  • General liability insurance (~$50/mo depending on the space)
  • Damage deposit of $250 (refundable)
  • Space upgrades based on your preference and your budget
  • City of Tacoma business license ($90/annually)
  • State of Washington business license ($19)

 Once in a space, participants must agree to the following:

  • Present destination quality product and/or service
  • Create an enticing visual display for passersby
  • Pay for utilities for your space
  • Have/obtain a General Liability insurance policy
  • Have/obtain the appropriate City of Tacoma and State of Washington business licenses and permits, as well as a federal DUNS number
  • Be willing to relocate or give up the space if the property owner finds a permanent tenant within the negotiated time frame
  • Leave the space in the same or better condition if/when you move out
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws

About the Spaces, Locations, and Timeline

Spaceworks Tacoma relies on willing property owners to provide space and Spaceworks actively recruits space partners with viable locations for the proposed projects. Spaces vary in size and amenities; selected individuals/groups will be paired with an appropriate space for their proposal when the project is deemed ready. Many approved projects wait six to nine months before a space is identified for them.

Spaceworks has secured space primarily in downtown and the Hilltop neighborhood over the past five years and will continue to work in these areas. We are also encouraging business ideas for the Lincoln district. These are our focus areas during 2016.

Spaceworks reserves the right to pair selected individuals/groups with spaces at its discretion. Available spaces can be raw and windows often will have active “For Lease” signs, which cannot be moved. Participants will be required to provide all furniture and, in some cases, fixtures.

Selection Criteria
Up to 12 businesses will be selected based on the criteria listed below. The review process is competitive and the panel will be looking for a diversity of projects.

  • Quality of product or service or artwork as exhibited in the work sample
  • Feasibility of the business
  • Ability to execute proposal
  • Ingenuity and strength of concept/proposal
  • Benefit to the community and appropriateness for the public realm
  • Readiness of the business to be placed in a space
  • Potential that the business will stabilize
  • Ability to create a destination-quality business or to engage the community including passers-by (if applicable)

Selection Process
Creative Enterprise applications are reviewed by a panel including Spaceworks’ Steering Committee members and Spaceworks’ Alumni. Notification will occur in late July.

Click here for full guidelines, checklist, and application

Applications are due by 5 PM on Thursday, July 21, 2016