Thank You, Tacoma

Spaceworks Tacoma NEON Annual Fundraiser 2017
Jaison Rivera painting live during Spaceworks’ fundraiser NEON 2017. Photo by Scott Haydon

With the holiday season upon us we wanted to take a moment to express the gratitude we have for the continued support we have from our community.

From the volunteers who donate their time to make our community more vibrant

Diana Leigh Surma and volunteers mural on MLK Jr Way.jpg
Artscapes participant Diana Liegh Surma working with volunteers to complete a mural on a building scheduled for demolition on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Photo by Kris Crews.
Ethnic Fest 2017 Spaceworks_0092.jpg
Ileana Debaere invests her time in Tacoma by volunteering with a clean up team. Photo by Spaceworks.

To artists, musicians and performers who create wonderful experiences in our daily lives

High Five_Crews_2015_16.jpg
Mirrorgloss performed at High Five, a community festival celebrating 5-years of Spaceworks in 2015. Photo by Kris Crews.
Theater_Dist_Art Walk_2017_Haydon_068.jpg
Justin Tamminga on the drums and DJ Dig One hosted “Just Digg’n” breakdancing session on Commerce St. during Theater District Art Walk, September 2017. Photo by Scott Haydon.
Theater_Dist_Art Walk_2017_Haydon_145.jpg
Circus artist Perry Petaccia brought his performance troupe to Frost Park for Theater District Art Walk, September 2017. They joined Spaceworks Incubator in fall of 2017. Photo by Scott Haydon.
Brad Dinsmore in progress of setting up his Artscapes installation “Doves & Ravens” in Woolworth Window on Broadway at 11th. Photo by Kris Crews.

To each community member that visits arts shows, local businesses, creative events and festivals

Visitors connect at 1120 Creative House during Art Walk November 2015. Photo by Kris Crews
Tollbooth First Night 2015.JPG
Digital media Artscapes on Broadway light up the street and give the community more to love during First Night 2015.
Chilly December night feels better when community gathers to ring in the New Year. Spaceworks debuts new Artscapes to fuel the imagination and provides this fire pit so that everyone can keep enjoying First Night until late hours.

Thank You

for continuing to create warm memories by giving it your all, because a more creative Tacoma is a brighter Tacoma.

We invite you to join the national movement on November 28, #GivingTuesday. Your donation will help Spaceworks continue commissioning artists and training entrepreneurs as a community funded program.

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