Got Neon? Show it Off in an Art Installation

Artscape installation by Galen Turner, 2017
Artscape installation by Galen Turner, 2017

Do you have new or old neon signs, or works of art? Spaceworks is seeking neon to include in a large storefront window display in the old Woolworth building this April 2018. This could be an opportunity to display a work of neon art you have owned or created, or bring an old sign out of the basement and display it to the public.

  • You can lend your neon to Spaceworks, we will hold insurance on the piece during the display.
  • You can donate your neon to Spaceworks, and after the display, we would auction it off at NEON Spaceworks 3rd Annual Fundraiser happening June 8th at Alma Mater Tacoma. The funds would go to support Spaceworks, our programs, and clients.
  • We ask you to deliver the piece to us between March 30 – April 5. And if lending the piece, we ask you to pick it up July 20 – 26.
  • If desired, you would be credited in signage on the window, which could also include details about the neon piece.

Contact Gabriel Brown with questions and submissions:

  • 253.682.1735

A huge thanks, in advance, to anyone excited to show off their neon!

This large, eye-catching display will help promote Spaceworks 3rd Annual Fundraiser:


June 8th, 2018 at Alma Mater Tacoma 

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