#TRANSFORM by Christina Butcher

In December 2017, Creative Colloquy partnered with Spaceworks Tacoma to put out a call for writing submissions focusing on TRANSFORM, Theater District Culture and Transportation Plan. The project was part of a community outreach effort to draw public attention to the plan development and ask for feedback.

The poem “#Transform” was submitted by Christina Butcher and presented at the community feedback event for the project on February 22.

Original survey results were collected in 2017. This new TRANSFORM survey invites you to share your input and rate how well you agree with the feedback gathered so far. You also have a chance to add your own ideas and additional feedback:

Take the Survey on the Transform project Website
Deadline: March 15, 2018

If you are new to the project, check out Transform Project Overview here

“#TRANSFORM” by Christina Butcher

#Let’s break another building down and then doll it up in glitter bombs and glitz.

Let’s call it #revitalized.

Let’s consider the homeless #relocated.

Let’s aim our art like cannons and blast #urbanrenewal all over the walls. Then we can sweep, sweep the bric-a-brac from the streets.


#Let’s not.

Let’s talk about it, instead. This time without invitations or name tapes or excessive checkboxes to indicate lunch preference. #Pescatarian

Let’s stand and #acknowledge the issues at hand:

Our theater district is too dangerous to traverse after dark. The brightness of a marquee cannot fix that.

Needles and glass litter our sidewalks. Replacing concrete with grass will not fix that.

Our homeless live and breathe along these streets. A police sweep, no matter how well-meaning, simply will not change that.


#Let’s not let action circumvent resolution.

Let’s keep talking, instead.

Let’s discuss where to put #safeneedledisposalboxes and consider closing-off the pedestrian tunnel at the Commerce Street Transit Center (#worstideaever #Iprefertolive).

Let’s discuss temporary assistance and #affordablehousing.

Let’s consider why businesses prefer not to conduct business here. No #shoplocal here.


Let’s talk about it all over again – keep talking until we come up with real solutions to our very real problems.

Let’s not jump the gun here.

#Let’s talk.

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Christina Butcher is a freelance writer and veteran from Chaparral, New Mexico. Before serving as a linguist in the U.S. Army, she worked on cultural preservation projects and developed a passion for storytelling and community involvement. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from New Mexico State University and a certificate in storytelling and content strategy from Washington State University. She lives and writes in Tacoma, Washington. Christina’s work can be found here : www.writebrave.org.