Center For the Lost and Found Illustrates Tacoma Stories

Spaceworks Tacoma announces a new Special Project activating a long-vacant space at the Commerce Street transit center. Beginning in May 2018, artist duo Gabriel Nordlund and Colin Andersen have been operating a pop-up submission window “Center for the Lost and Found”. The artists collect stories which they later illustrate as fictional “lost” or “found” posters. The total body of work will be compiled into a ‘zine and serve as a collection of Tacoma community stories.

By collecting your stories we hope to connect the thousands of individual experiences, Lost and Found, that detail our lives. And in turn share these experiences to build a stronger community,” said Andersen.

This project is a part of TRANSFORM, a community engagement project with a series of artistic and community events organized by Spaceworks Tacoma. The project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, aims to raise awareness of Tacoma’s Theater District and to highlight opportunities for creative use of public spaces within its footprint. Pierce TransitCity of Tacoma, and Broadway Center for Performing Arts are developing a plan to redesign the transportation and cultural hub that is framed by 9th and 11th streets, Broadway and Pacific Ave. Learn more about the plan’s progress and events at

Center for the Lost and Found will be open for submissions during regular hours:

Sundays and Mondays: 12 pm – 4 pm
930 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402

For developments and new illustrations follow @centerforlostandfound on Instagram. Visit the Center for the Lost and Found to create your very own lost or found poster and the CLF artists will post them around town.

Take a look at some of the submissions:

Lost: purple makeup bag
Found: money, green crisp.
Lost: All my music
Found: $842
Found: a dead pet snake
Spaceworks Tacoma