Apply to 950 Gallery

Art by Mindy Barker (left), and Kenji Stoll (right), during the 2017 Greater Tacoma Community Foundation of Art Award exhibit at the 950 Gallery. Photo by Kris Crews.

Spaceworks Tacoma is accepting applications from Pacific Northwest artists and curators to host an exhibition in the 950 Gallery, during the calendar year of 2020. Spaceworks is seeking applications from individuals or teams who:

  • Have a proposal for a solo exhibition, or group exhibition.
  • Can successfully and fully activate the entire gallery space (~1,000 sq. ft.).
  • Is an experienced artist or curator with a developed proposal for an exhibit.
  • Can lead the organization, installation, and promotion of an exhibit (with assistance from Spaceworks on each of these steps).

The 950 Gallery provides a space for contemporary artists and curators working in the Pacific Northwest to host feature exhibitions. Activating a longstanding vacant space, the gallery is operated by Spaceworks Tacoma. Always free and open to the public, the space also holds an information desk for people to learn more about Spaceworks Tacoma’s programs, opportunities, and events.


Click here for more information and to apply