Save-the-Date for 2019 Fundraisers

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped Spaceworks grow over the years. In 2019 we are excited to announce two events where you can continue to show your support. On Thursday, May 30, we are hosting an evening fundraiser and on Saturday, August 17, we are throwing a reimagined NEON art party. Over the past three years, we’ve used NEON as our primary annual fundraiser; since then, our team has changed and our programs continue to grow and evolve, so our fundraising strategy is adapting, too. By splitting NEON into two events, we hope to streamline the planning and focus our asks and intentions. Read on to learn more!

Spring Fundraiser, a.k.a. Let’s raise some money!
Thursday evening, May 30, 2019. 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, West of the Waterway. 

Did you know that individual donors made up 8% of our operating budget last year? Grants carry the bulk of our budget and we’re always looking to diversify our revenue and increase the level of individual giving and sponsorship. These donations allow us to keep services going in between grant periods, fund more artists and entrepreneurs, and invest in new projects.

A more traditional fundraiser allows us to develop a program and share with donors the impacts of their investments. We’re imagining an event that includes client testimonials, a new promo video, a raffle, and delicious food and drink. We want to show off what Spaceworks has accomplished this past year and share our vision for the future. It’s also important for us to honor and thank the artists and entrepreneurs who make up the Spaceworks family; they’re the heroes in our story, transforming the City of Tacoma as changemakers and tastemakers.

NEON Art Party, a.k.a. Let’s celebrate our community!
Saturday night, August 17, 2019. Exact time and venue TBD

Spaceworks sits at the intersection of many populations in Tacoma: artists and business owners, property managers and community organizers, financial lenders and civic leaders, newcomers and neighborhood elders. For three years now NEON has been a celebration, a coming together of this community, an affirmation that yes, Tacoma is a fabulous place to live, work, and make art.

Like previous NEON events, expect to surround yourself with great music, dancing, and art-making. We want this to be THE end-of-summer event for Tacoma’s creative community. Fabulous fashion is always encouraged. We’ll still make some small asks for donations, but we’re planning on ticket prices and sponsorships covering the cost of the event. We’re committed to making the NEON Art Party affordable and accessible so that everyone in our community can join in the celebration.

We’ll launch an event page soon with all the official sign-ups and volunteer opportunities, but for now, we just want to get these dates locked on your calendars. And as we grow in our fundraising abilities, we welcome your feedback! Tell us what you think of these changes and why Spaceworks is worth supporting.

Michael Liang
Program Director