Dead Feminists

The Dead Feminists series is a collaboration between artists Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring.

Streetside Artscape:
Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring // Dead Feminists

11th and Broadway
May 2023 – July 2023

“The series features quotes by historical feminists, tied to current political and social issues. Each limited-edition broadside is letterpress printed from hand-drawn lettering and illustrations. A portion of the proceeds of each piece is donated to a cause that aligns with the issue highlighted by the artwork. Jessica and Chandler have released 33 broadsides since the series began in 2008.”

The Dead Feminist installation aims to celebrate and uplift Chandler O’Leary’s extensive creative legacy. From 2008 to 2023, good friend Jessica Spring and O’Leary collaborated on the series. Dead Feminists only scrapes the surface of the creative impact and talent O’Leary accomplished until their unexpected passing in April 2023.


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