2015 Incubator Participants

Spaceworks’ Incubator participants are provided with the tools, resources, and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, and they enjoy peer support and exchange while in our program. Each year we select a group of participants for the program, and you can learn more about the creative businesses that participated in each cohort.



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Fame Takers
Bradley Castillo

Fame Takers is a street wear company and “we love what we do, our work is who we are.” (more…)

Tacoma Tool Library
Rebecca Solverson

The library provides low cost access to shared tools and other durable goods, and encourages re-use, repair, and reduced consumption. (more…)

Alchemy Studio
Shawn Cole, Giselle Lorenz Brock, & Stephanie Raven West

Alchemy Studios strives to deliver high quality dance and performing arts instruction (modeling, theater arts, cheer, circus arts, music) in a fun and disciplined environment. (more…)

Nature City Photography
Timothy Carter

Nature City Photography specializes in urban photography, “capturing Tacoma one piece at a time.” (more…)

Fringeshift Studios
Shawn Foote, Jim Wellman & Jed Rietz

Fringeshift Studios is a creative collective, whose goal it is to obtain the creative space to finish their book on developing imagination. (more…)

Iris Photography and Multimedia Studio
Megan Shea and Gil Lord

Iris Photography and Multimedia Studio would initially start out as a personal studio, with plans to expand into a collaborative studio which would double as a hub for other creatives and artists to work, grow and learn. (more…)

Mark Tracey

Mark Tracy (Markart5)is a Tacoma based artist, who’s primary means of creating art are found in traditional painting methods, and in the formation and practice of conversational theory. (more…)

The STEAM Vent
Gwendolyn Kohl

The STEAM Vent is an organization which facilitates events that engage the community in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. (more…)

Eric Nunn
Eric Nunn

Eric Nunn is a painter interested in painting a series of paintings of Tacoma- the city in the foreground, the Olympics, The Cascades, and Mt. Rainier (historically a much-painted mountain) in distance, all of which will be done en plein air.  Eric Nunn is seeking studio space to complete this body of work. (more…)

Bright, Tacoma
Adam Brock & Dewon Tarpley

Bright, Tacoma will provide creative space, workshops, business amenities, community engagement opportunities and developmental mentoring. (more…)

Electric Glow Studio
Aaron Hartzell & Devon Urquha

Electric Glow Studio is a Tacoma-based artistic duo working with painting, sculpture and photography seeking studio space to produce work (more…)

Bellini Folk School
Tawni Bell

Loosely based on the model of the Brooklyn Free School, The Bellini Folk School strives to be a community center that supports individuals and families to pursue their interests in wellness and creativity, engage in higher learning, and teach passion projects by providing affordable space. (more…)

Jesse Goodrum & Andrew Nalty

Currently operating as a recording studio, Basecamp (formerly known as Mountainhouse Recordings), seeks to start an all-ages music venue/cafe in Tacoma. (more…)

Nuart Media Group
Hans and Shunte Fleurimont

Nuart Media Group is a family run multimedia design company, conceived by a husband and wife team, which started in order to create innovative products that educate and inspire people. (more…)

Mecene International Art Gallery
Kimberly Swetland

Mecene International Art Gallery aims to create a gallery space that applies the sharing of art towards maximizing improvements in human and environmental well-being. (more…)

Inamorta Studio
Jayme Lillie and Lija Silvers

Inamorata Studio designs handmade, vintage-inspired lingerie and daywear. (more…)

Blue Melon Productions
Terese Cuff

Blue Melon Productions is an animation studio, which seeks to expand to be able to provide both commercial animation, and grant-supported education programs. (more…)

Destiny City Music Collective
Ken Jacobsen

Destiny City Music Collective aims to engage the community in music through education and performance. (more…)

Seattle Sound Live
Christian Hamilton

Christan Hamilton, of Seattle Sound Live, seeks to take a unique approach to media coverage, with an emphasis on concert and event writing and photography. (more…)

Michael Laine

In 2001, NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program (NIAC) began researching the feasibility of a Space Elevator. In 2003 they published a report outlining exactly how one could be built, saying that indeed a Space Elevator was possible to build and there were many reasons to build one. LiftPort was founded in 2003 after that study as a spinoff from NIAC. (more…)

Pepper Pot Cosmetics
Mackenzie Putscher

Pepper Pot Polish is for painted ladies! Pepper Pot is not only about cosmetics and the people who love them, but about the expression and creativity, a person uses to get across how they feel about themselves and the world around them. (more…)

Tim + April
Tim & April Norris

Tim + April make art and design objects for individuals and families who live a lifestyle of adventure. (more…)

Feral Kitchen Co.
Julie and Topher Farrell

Julie and Topher Farrell create small batch, artisan confections from bean to bar. (more…)

Shroom Brothers
Carrie Foster and Bob Jewell

Shroom Brothers is an art duo based in Tacoma WA, USA. Bob Jewell is a self-taught screen printer who brings Carrie Foster’s designs and art to life, creating wearable art. Carrie Foster is a lifelong artist who is expanding her skills at every chance. (more…)

1120 Creative House
Spaceworks Tacoma

A creative co-working space has opened in downtown Tacoma filled with artists, creatives, events & community. (more…)

Side x Side Creative
Mary Holste & Erik Hanberg

Side x Side is a boutique marketing firm specializing in medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. (more…)

kiddos and kin: the music, movement & ‘magination studio
Shay Ryan

Passionate about the inclusive nature of early childhood activities, Shay welcomes children of all developmental abilities to experience the amazing bonding, social, and whole-child learning experience Kiddos and Kin provides. (more…)

Sound Movement Arts Center
Giselle Lorenz-Brock & Raven West

SMAC offers classes for ages 2+ and ranging in style from Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop Dance to Acro, Tumbling, Cheer, and Modeling. (more…)

Tacoma Actors Repertory Theater
Jen Tidwell

Artistic Director Jen Tidwell and her team have polished and painted a space inside the Historic Tacoma Armory where they will present extraordinary theater in an intimate space, emphasizing the use of classical techniques, in rotating repertory with a resident company of local and regional artists. (more…)

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