Current Streetside Artscapes

Inspecting the Absurd
Andriana Cunningham

“In our culture, the everyday has become more and more apathetic and alien. This installation serves as a commentary on that notion. The space between disgust and curiosity, what is known and what is inferred, judgement and wonder, these are the paradoxes that inform my sculptures.”

Quotes from People Detained: Leaders of La Resistencia
David Long & Al Pikart

Portraits painted by Al Pikart of individuals detained at the Northwest Detention Center, along with painted lettering by David Long of quotes from detainees and Maru Mora Villalpando.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

In participation of the Tacoma Light Trail, the Asia Pacific Cultural Center presents looping videos of steaming hot tea and Samoan fire dancing. These videos light up the foot of the Hillclimb stairs, just around the corner from the Mad Hat Tea Co. window. 

RBG Tribute Mural
Nori Kimura

A mural tribute to the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


9th Street Reconciliation Orchestra
Becky Frehse

“This collection of stringed instruments offers us a chance to imagine a harmonious ensemble of east and west that never could be — but should have been.”

Kristen T. Ramirez

Ramirez creates a kaleidoscope-like work that enlivens and humanizes the site.

Re-emerge in Healing
Saiyare Refaei

This mural is about uniting local environmental justice issues by coming together in healing. Specifically, it addresses the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) and the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) issues by highlighting some figureheads in these local movements alongside images of migratory animals.

Welcome to Tacoma and the Memory of Old Japan Town
Nori Kimura

The mural is a temporary installation of a 360 degree murals which promotes the City of Tacoma on the street side, and Tacoma’s Cultural diversity through a Japanese Children’s Day scene on the pedestrian side. (more…)

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