Current Public Artworks

Here you can see all of the current public artworks that Spaceworks helps organize and maintain. We encourage you to learn more about each project, about the artists themselves, and venture out to see these artworks in person.

Matanofo Porter

“This ‘BUILD’ mural is here to honor you, where you come from, and where you’re going. It is a thank you for all the gifts you’re leaving behind to guide and fuel others who follow.” (more…)

Zion Honan

Painted directly on the wall, this stream of consciousness artwork serves as a sanctuary filled with ever flowing memories and emotions.


Col Legno / Soaring
Becky Frehse & Greg Youtz

A visual and musical collaboration, best viewed after sundown.


Two Eagles With Egg
Speakthunder Berry

A permanent, Coastal Salish, Formline mural located at the Commerce Street Transit Center.  


Only You
Installation by Cheryl Rux,Sound by Alex Noelke

An installation that lights up at night, with a custom sound component. Broadway is burning with all the energy of a wildfire.


Press On!

A letterpress installation by Line Break Press, a Write253 program.


Peter & Araquin Boome

A permanent mural using both historic and contemporary examples of colors and symbols to illustrate an evolving culture.


Quotes from People Detained: Leaders of La Resistencia
David Long & Al Pikart

Portraits painted by Al Pikart of individuals detained at the Northwest Detention Center, along with painted lettering by David Long of quotes from detainees and Maru Mora Villalpando.

RBG Tribute Mural
Nori Kimura

A mural tribute to the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Kristen T. Ramirez

Ramirez creates a kaleidoscope-like work that enlivens and humanizes the site.

Re-emerge in Healing
Saiyare Refaei

This mural is about uniting local environmental justice issues by coming together in healing. Specifically, it addresses the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) and the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) issues by highlighting some figureheads in these local movements alongside images of migratory animals.

Welcome to Tacoma and the Memory of Old Japan Town
Nori Kimura

The mural is a temporary installation of a 360 degree murals which promotes the City of Tacoma on the street side, and Tacoma’s Cultural diversity through a Japanese Children’s Day scene on the pedestrian side. (more…)

These public artworks are organized through Spaceworks’ Artscapes Program. To see all of our past public artworks, visit our archive.

Other Public Art Opportunities

Downtown Mural Walk

Enjoy murals and hear directly from the artists that created them by taking a virtual guided walking tour through Downtown Tacoma, organized by Spaceworks as part of Downtown On the Go’s Walk Tacoma series. 

Rapid Murals

In response to boarded-up businesses in Tacoma, Spaceworks Tacoma has partnered with local organizations to create a rapid mural response program.