Past Streetside Artscapes

Sides of Town
'NEON' Dion Thomas

This installation was inspired by a shirt Dion created to unite Tacoma. The concept is for everyone in the city so whether you were born, raised, or just moved here it is important to claim the Tacoma as your own. (more…)

Cohesive Fragments
Elizabeth R Gahan

Within each piece, ads are fractured or replaced entirely with colored vinyl, paper and spray paint, obscuring the commercial content and allowing the beauty of color and graphic design to blossom in a seemingly organic way. (more…)

Organic Materials
Terra Holcomb

Holcomb is the designer, photographer and subject of my dresses. Her photographs capture a temporary, private performance between me and my surroundings. (more…)

Organic Inclusivity
Megan Bent in partnership with L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community

Organic Inclusivity is comprised of images created by members of the L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community, where people with and without developmental disabilities share life based on mutual relationships. (more…)

Super Apocentri
Shawn Foote

“The large figure is grounded, connected to the earth while contemplating the stars.
From the wreckage of a hefty windstorm, fence boards gain new life and purpose.
The smaller figure, drawing on myth and legend, conjures his present.
He too is grounded and connects to the larger rhythms that perpetuate the cosmos.”

-Shawn Foote (more…)

China Faith Star

For this body of work, China Faith Star explores the fool’s journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot and the experience of living in a multifaceted dimensional reality while accessing histories based in a dualistic model. (more…)

Say My Name
Marisa Vitiello & Beate Liepert

“Say My Name” is an installation based on the true story of a woman named Margaret who, in the 1960’s, lived and worked in a flooded apartment with a dolphin named Peter and tried to teach him to say her name. (more…)

Take it to the Bridge
Nathan Orosco

May they Collide

To the kindred spirits of the realms
Wandering through lands, seas and shadows
May they collide
With fierce precision ignite the core
And kindle the sensations, desires and
That dwell in minds so comatose
May they collide
Burn the fog
Plow the fields of perception
Till the sod of the futile past
Plant seeds of projection and transcendence
That will illuminate the forward vision
And awaken within
All that is human (more…)

T-Town Transgender Neighbors
Gender Alliance of the South Sound

A portrait exhibit of your T-Town Transgender Neighbors presented by the Gender Alliance of the South Sound (GASS). As, GASS shares on their Facebook page: “We are your co-workers, friends, and family members. Read our touching personal stories, see some great photography, and get to know us.” (more…)

We Part to Meet Again
Sarah Castro

Castro says the installation is “simply stated […] about love. It is about heartache, loss and letting go, as well as the reconnection that can be associated with love.  (more…)

Chad Gunderson

Of the rocks used in this installation, Chad Gunderson says they were “carved, distorted, and used as tools for the imagination,” but that the work also “merges elements from contemporary culture by using plastic veneers and saturated colors. (more…)

2018 Wayzgoose Steamroll Prints
Tacoma Wayzgoose

A collection of the steamroller prints that were created during Tacoma’s 14th annual Wayzgoose letterpress and book arts celebration. 

She’s Had Enough
Jennifer Chin

An art installation where 4 female figures are being measured, judged, put on a saintly pedestal, sexually objectified, and burning a multitude of candles at both ends. The artist comments that “It is tiring. She has had enough. It is time for a change now.”

From the Parlour to the Mall
Productivity Parlour

An installation telling the story of how textiles went from withstanding the test of time to impacting our planet.

Pedal Like There’s No Tomorrow
Saiyare Refaei with Downtown On the Go!

This installation by local artist Saiyare Refaei celebrates Tacoma-Pierce County Bike Month (May 2018).

Doves & Ravens
Brad Dinsmore

“Dozing off in grey
Laodicean birds wake
To a brighter day” (more…)

Looking forward, Looking backward
Eva Funderburgh

Eva states “My work deals with the overlap of humanity and the natural world… (more…)

Game not Fame

Astrid Anderson

The mural is Anderson’s graduating project at Seabury Middle School. (more…)

Michael Dinning

“Our neighborhoods are filled with secrets, and often strife, but in the end there is a beat of life, a rhythm of existence…”

Galen Turner

In preparation for Spaceworks’ 2nd annual fundraiser NEON, artist Galen Turner installed a flashy, tongue-in-cheek Artscape in one of the Woolworth Windows. (more…)

One Love Stand
Lauren Boilini

Lauren states “In my current body of work I look at the idea of excess, when images of excess become meaningless and fall into the realm of pattern.  (more…)

Gathering: Six Northwest Basketry Artists
National Basketry Organization

This exhibit, titled “Gathering: Six Northwest Basketry Artists” includes six basketry artists who are members of the National Basketry Organization and they represent the diversity of traditional and non-traditional approaches to the making of Pacific Northwest basketry (more…)

Happenings Kiosk Mural
Year Round Co.

Estimated to have been installed around the 1950s, the kiosk is one of several around Tacoma that is inscribed with the word “Happenings”—but nothing much had been happening there lately. (more…)

Rhythm Formation
Qin Tan

In this series, Qin Tan paints abstract structures and formations that channel energy from memories and environments.

Seabury School Art Installation
Angela Larsen with Seabury School

Artist Angela Larsen leads Seabury School students in a study on the modern city, and the construction of this installation.

Search Function: Tacoma
Joel Ong

In Search Function: Tacoma, Joel Ong explores the way impressions of a city can be created from online searches on publicly available websites that include both professional and user-generated content. (more…)

Seeds Break Through Concrete
David Long in collaboration with NWDC Resistance

Inspired by the leadership and actions of the NWDC Resistance, the mural calls attention to the Northwest Detention Center operations, recognizes the organized efforts of detainees and begs the question to viewers of how they, existing outside of detainment, can engage in this issue. (more…)

Sidewalk Dance Films
Jeffrey Curtis

Jeffrey Curtis states “Sidewalk Dance Films takes dance films and videos out of the cinema and puts dance amid the movement of the city.” (more…)

Space Elevator Concept Portfolio
LiftPort Group

LiftPort Group has a dream to build a Lunar Space Elevator, the biggest thing ever constructed by humans.

LiftPort Space Elevator Lands in Tacoma -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Sweeping Outlier: Remote Edition
Roger Ralston

Paper, Stone, Bamboo, Wood, Copper, Thread

syayayəʔ ʔə tiiɫ x̌ʷiqʷadiʔ
Anthony Duenas

A combination of traditional Native imagery painted in a non-traditional form and in unusual sites makes Duenas’s artwork an especially noteworthy addition to Tacoma’s bursting murals scene.

Anthony Duenas Takes Native American Myth to the Street -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

The Squid Chooses Its Ink
Marcelo Fontana

This video installation combines the singing and the sound waves of the 52hz whale with the videos of the vulcanos on the abyssal zone.

Time Machines
Matthew Dockery

Dockery wants to show the beauty behind the technology and algorithms which define almost every waking moment of our lives. (more…)

to: europa
Alexander Keyes

“always be doodling.
always be speculating.
always be lusting.”


Traces and Transformations
Allison Hyde

“Traces and Transformations” investigates the interconnectivity of human experience in the domestic environment and the malleability of memory.  (more…)

Un(Lucky) Tacoma, Wayzgoose 13
Wayzgoose Tacoma

A collection of the steamroller prints that were created during Tacoma’s 13th annual Wayzgoose letterpress and book arts celebration.

13th Wayzgoose Marks Good Luck & Bad in City’s Past -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Valhalla Hall Mural
Diana Leigh Surma

Diana states “In art and life, I am colorful. My paintings, like my personality, are bold and direct. I create structured yet playful geometric compositions in a palette of saturated, vibrant hues.” (more…)

Waterscapes and Sand Tracks
Lisa Nappa

Lisa states “The beauty of water was the initial inspiration for these pieces, yet as I began to explore the formal possibilities, the politics of water came to the surface. (more…)

We All Have Our Things
Angela Larsen

Angela Larsen describes this mural as her “sketchbook coming to life.”


We Are One
Gabe Babcock

Long ago a family of Native Americans from a Northwest tribe took their children to collect Salmon they had caught in traps… (more…)

Wet Lives
Daniella Pavlić

This new body of work is invested in perspectives of labor through various lenses. My work often speaks to indigenous bodies through metaphors found in nature and semiotics. (more…)

RYAN! Feddersen

Generated through a fusion of technology and imagination, this fictional bulletin board was created based on public submissions.

A Kiosk That Puts Tacoma’s Idiosyncrasies on Display -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

2016 Tacoma Wayzgoose Steamroller Prints

This exhibit consists of bold linocut prints from various artists created during the
2016 Tacoma Wayzgoose Festival. (more…)

Split Shot Collaborative

2139:47 — or the duration of Winter in hours:minutes — represents an embrace of the artificial, an anemic attempt to replace what is lost for a season, via a communion of the mundane: frames, fabric, industrial lighting.

38,971 Pedestrians
Blake Carter

Blake states “We don’t often interact with strangers while walking in public, so it’s hard for anyone to tell what anyone else is going through. Still, I’d bet that most people have been cheered up by a smile or a nod from someone we don’t know. I have.” (more…)

5 Stages
Saiyare Refaei & Tiffanny Hammonds

This mural visualizes 5 Stages of grief, by incorporating writings by local poets writing around themes of Anger and Acceptance.

Two Young Artists Shoulder the Grief of the World -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Architect of a Life
Erika Norris

These warped cranes investigate the impact of reflections on the sense of self, whether through the eyes of another or upon inner contemplation. (more…)

Nola Avienne

Nola states “Ashflow portrays the unreal stillness just before disaster hits, the moment of heightened senses when minute details are perceived.” (more…)

Automatic Messaging Medium
Eric Olson

The Automatic Messaging Medium is an answering service that acts as a psychic medium to relay messages to people or things that participants miss due to their absence (more…)

Balance Interference
Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo states “There is balance in our world- humans are part of it… (more…)

Banners on Parade
Gillian Nordlund

Gillian presents a series of hand-sewn cloth works inspired by flag design, classic coat of arms styles, and embroidery techniques (more…)

Bed Dress
Jennifer Zwick

“To simply stand up, already elegantly clothed, and roll away on casters, safe in the knowledge that when our shortcomings grow too tall and our expectations fall, we can just lie back down again…”

Zwick’s Bed Dress -Spaceworks blog

Kari Boeskov


shadow and reflection
ground and sky
now and again
object and drawing
here and gone (more…)

Pete Goldlust

“firmly rooted in pop-surrealist tradition, with plenty of influence from Dr. Seuss and independent comics.”

Pete Goldlust Under the Microscope -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Nichole Rathburn

“Eventually the pain of losing you
you that died
you that drifted away
you that fell in love with someone else
you that I never met
freezes into a soft wave that travels before me.” (more…)

Vikram Madan

A mural celebrating three things that make us quintessentially human: 1. Our universal love for music and dance; 2. Our insatiable thirst to learn, discover, create—which leads us to build things like robots (and paint things like ‘dancing robots’!); and 3. Our ability to smile at wacky images like this! (more…)

Cityscape – Everyone Needs A Place To Call Home
Shared Housing Services

This playfully executed window engages passersby with awareness of how they can participate in solving the homelessness crisis.

Community Vision: Everyone Needs A Place to Call Home -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Fibrous Body
Amanda Triplett

Fibrous Body is an imagined landscape of the emotional body. Thread and fiber connect the complex emotional space of humans to the inner workings of their biology. (more…)

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