Past Streetside Artscapes

Un(Lucky) Tacoma, Wayzgoose 13
Wayzgoose Tacoma

A collection of the steamroller prints that were created during Tacoma’s 13th annual Wayzgoose letterpress and book arts celebration.

13th Wayzgoose Marks Good Luck & Bad in City’s Past -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Bed Dress
Jennifer Zwick

“To simply stand up, already elegantly clothed, and roll away on casters, safe in the knowledge that when our shortcomings grow too tall and our expectations fall, we can just lie back down again…”

Zwick’s Bed Dress -Spaceworks blog

Pete Goldlust

“firmly rooted in pop-surrealist tradition, with plenty of influence from Dr. Seuss and independent comics.”

Pete Goldlust Under the Microscope -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Cityscape – Everyone Needs A Place To Call Home
Shared Housing Services

This playfully executed window engages passersby with awareness of how they can participate in solving the homelessness crisis.

Community Vision: Everyone Needs A Place to Call Home -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

Space Elevator Concept Portfolio
LiftPort Group

LiftPort Group has a dream to build a Lunar Space Elevator, the biggest thing ever constructed by humans.

LiftPort Space Elevator Lands in Tacoma -blog by Lisa Kinoshita

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