2019 Incubator Participants

Spaceworks’ Incubator participants are provided with the tools, resources, and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, and they enjoy peer support and exchange while in our program. Each year we select a group of participants for the program, and you can learn more about the creative businesses that participated in each cohort.

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Fall 2019 Business Planning Cohort
Spring 2019 Business Planning Cohort

Tacoma Healing Awareness Community
Vanna Sing

Tacoma Healing Awareness Community is a non-profit organization building awareness and creating opportunities to uplift, educate and unite in breaking the silence around issues such as deportation, school-to-prison pipeline, inter-generational trauma, generation gap, poverty, violence, and cultural preservation in SE Asian communities. 


Lindley Witch
Nicole Lindley

Lindley Witch provides ceremonial self-care, ritual photography, and magically curated events.


Chelsia Berry

chrys-a-lis is a fashion design company curating an accepting community of self and creating customized patterns and clothing for every body image.


JJE Organics
Aikita Jones

JJE Organics handcrafts organics concoctions for body and mind. 


Defiant Candle Company
Jamie Williams

Defiant Candle Company creates beautifully scented natural soy candles that are hand-poured into locally salvaged glass bottles.


Anatomy of Home
Monika Scheffe

Anatomy of Home offers smart, creative, interior redesign solutions, working within the confines of existing spaces to help people fall in love with their home again.


Big Mood Co
Amoje Moody

Big Mood Co is an orchestration of brands’ signature sound and aesthetic through music-based content curation.


Dionne Bonner Art & Design
Dionne Bonner

Dionne Bonner Art & Design uses art as a catalyst to open dialog and reflection, bringing the community together, by designing action driven and integrated public art experiences.


Paradoxum Consulting
Ashley Sloan and Arianna Thornton-West

Paradoxum Consulting helps business owners cut waste and engage their customers, so that they can maximize profits and invest in solutions that last.


Homeroom Tutoring
Ann Marie Genco

Homeroom Tutoring is a place to empower young people, especially young women, in STEM subjects. 


Afterglow Beauty Lounge
Chantel Brooks

Chantel Brooks has worked in the beauty industry for the past 8 years and brings experience and passion to her salon, Afterglow Beauty Lounge. (more…)

Catalyst Fine Art
Kamela Daniels


Catalyst Fine Art was founded upon values of collaboration, connection, transparency, creativity, and mentoring. (more…)

Kirsty Kalkhoven and Devon Long

Chowtown is a family-friendly location full of food trucks, outdoor seating, and entertainment. (more…)

Anchor Oats
Angela Gow

Anchor Oats is founded upon values of quality, authenticity, and consistency.  Anchor Oats’ vision is to make healthy and fulfilling meals for busy people with a mission to create hearty, healthful, and natural oatmeal products using high-quality ingredients.


Gold Dust, LLC
Falon Foss

Previously employed at Cascade Custom Jewelers, Falon Foss brings her skills and experience to Gold Dust, a full-service fine jewelry repair, retail, and custom design shop based in Tacoma. Its mission is to brighten the community with one of a kind pieces that are made and designed locally.


In The Wind Goods
Rosalind Casey

Rosalind Casey draws upon her experience and skills as a designer, production cutter, and sewer to create In the Wind Goods. Its mission is to celebrate a love of vintage and transform discarded woolen materials into timeless fashion pieces.


Kate Burki

Kate Burki uses her experience as a career horticulturalist and garden designer to create naturally dyed accessories and home goods.


Little Green Cards
Katie Dean

Katie Dean creates unique handcrafted artwork with the vision of creating beautiful imagery that brings people joy, peace and hope on a daily basis.


p. pendle
Mary Powell

p. pendle designs jewelry inspired by exploration and connection. Handcrafted primarily using vintage beads from across the globe and natural materials, each piece is unique and tells a story rooted in history, culture and nature. Versatile pieces that are rough, raw, chunky, yet refined.    


Socially Gaining Consciousness
Roc Hill, Martin Smitherman, Dominique Turner, Cameron Thorpe

Started by Roc Hill, Martin Smitherman, Dominique Turner, Cameron Thorpe, Socially Growing Consciousness is a diverse clothing brand for all ages. Its mission is to be heavily involved with the local community and social issues by cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and creative community.


Tacoma Aroma Flavor
Kris Hay

Tacoma Aroma Flavor is compiling a series of cookbooks and dining guides that feature local chefs and mixologists—with an emphasis on farm-to-table and FLOSS (Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, Sustainable) food systems.


Fern + Foster
Olivia Bennett, Emily Ager and Danielle Schell

Fern + Foster is a team of perinatal providers: a nurse-midwife, a lactation consultant, and a doula.  It is a place for Tacoma families to access care and community during their early years.